Minecraft Story Mode – Would you rather?

Hello guys! Yesterday I downloaded the new Minecraft Story Mode episode and I played through it. When I came to the weapon room, I got a Would you Rather? question. Would you choose an iron sword with sharpness enchantments on it, or a diamond sword without. I went for the iron sword as it was probably just as strong. What would you choose? Share your choice in the comments section below!


There have been lots of Internet Crazes recently – the Floor is Lava, for example.

Would you rather have three pizzas with baked beans or five pizzas without?

Yes, the ‘Would you rather?’ challenge.

My answers to the question above:

I would prefer three pizzas with baked beans.

To spread the Would you rather challenge, share it as #WouldYouRather online and then your question (eg, #WouldYouRather get three iPhone 4s or one iPhone 7?) and see what responses you get. Also link to this blog post.


#WouldYouRather get three iPhone 4s or one iPhone 7?