High World in Minecraft PC Edition.

Here is my epic Minecraft discovery:


It is a world that stretches higher than the clouds. Far higher. If you enjoy this post, like it, share it, comment on it or reblog it. Thank you. Epic Chas Gamer 😀

Introducing the World of ECG

"The Blue Marble" photograph of Earth, taken by the Apollo 17 mission. The Arabian peninsula, Africa and Madagascar lie in the upper half of the disc, whereas Antarctica is at the bottom.

View of the Earth from far away. Image: Wikipedia

Today I introduce to you: The World of ECG.

The World of ECG contains awesome stuff. You can even tell me how I am doing using the feedback poll.

And remember, I am adding to it all the time. Check it out here!

I hope you enjoy it.

Epic Chas Gamer 😀

MCPE: Downloading maps the easy way

Here is how to download a Map into Minecraft PE for Android.

First, go to a website that you trust that contains MCPE Maps. Then download the map you wish to download. Then launch Google Play and get AndroZip.


Then launch AndroZip. You should get welcomed.


Navigate to the Downloads folder and find the maps archive file. Tap on the archive and press extract to.

Navigate to /storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds. Then click extract here.

You have now got your map into Minecraft PE. Launch and play!


Depending on how old the map is, it may appear far down your worlds list.


Epic Chas Gamer 😀

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