In Minecraft, Skeletons and Wolves are not good friends. Or are they?

You can download the addon and put it into your com.mojang/behaviour_packs folder below:

In Minecraft, an advantage of wolves, neutral and tamed, is that they attack skeletons. The skeletons fight back, resulting in a winner at the end, either the wolf or skeleton.

However, I wanted to meddle with this. Mojang added Addons back in Minecraft PE version 0.16.0. You can install addons for free and skeletons start riding wolves’ backs.

Skeletons are still hostile in survival, giving wolves the ability to make the skeletons faster.


The Tamed Wolf and the Creeper

Basically, what happens is a tamed wolf is stuck in a cave and is being attacked by mobs. The mobs are about to destroy the tamed wolf when a creeper comes in and explodes to save the wolf from the other mobs. The tamed wolf and the creeper become best friends.

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Sir Wolf’s Castle – Story 3

Sir Wolf was sitting back in his throne. He heard Shield Evil cackling outside. “My puppy, mine for now and mine to keep!”

Sir Wolf was horrified. He jumped off his throne and ran to fight Shield Evil. Shield was whispering to Sir Bum-Smacker.

“Give that puppy over!” commanded Sir Wolf.

“NEVER!” shouted Shield Evil, “You heard me? Mine for now and mine to keep!”

“I will not allow any puppy to be raised under the influence of you, Shield!” said the brave Sir Wolf, “I am the king…”

“The king of Dumplings. Ha ha!” taunted Shield Evil.

“I am giving you one day to give this puppy over.” Said Sir Wolf in a fair but rather stern voice.

“You won’t see him…” muttered Shield.

They walked off to their camp. Brine saw this and ran off the den too. When Shield and Bum weren’t looking, Brine stole the puppy and hid him, and grew him up.

What will happen in Story 3 Part 2?

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Sir Wolf’s Castle – Winter Girl to the rescue!

The video:

Here is an overview of what happens:

Chas and Winter Girl are looking after the wolves, but Chas can hear something upstairs. The friends go to save Sir Wolf from Shield Evil (sorry, no one is voicing anyone in this clip so you won’t be able to hear me voicing Shield Evil) and Shield Evil hits Chas, making him fly back. Winter Girl takes on Shield and Shield and her duel to the death. Winter Girl wins but Shield respawns and then attacks the two heroes. Chas now has his health back and helps Winter Girl defeat Shield Evil once again.

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Sir Wolf’s Castle – the tamed wolf home is reborn

Sir Bum-Smacker is angered by the fact that the tamed wolves’ loyalty returned to Sir Wolf. Sir Bum-Smacker plans to capture Sir Wolf and destroy him, or at least imprison him.


Sir Wolf’s Castle

Sir Bum-Smacker sits down in his empty tamed wolf home. He plans to not just capture tamed wolves, but to capture untamed and hostile wolves as well. He attacks Sir Wolf’s Castle and steals all puppies and wolves, puts them in a sack, and takes them to the tamed wolf home. He makes the tamed wolves evil and locks the tamed wolf home’s door.

Sir Wolf, Chas and Winter Girl were sitting in the castle, lonely. Their friends, Heroan and Rose planned an attack on the tamed wolf home.


So, the 5 heroes went into the tamed wolf home and Chas placed some spider webs, and Sir Bum-Smacker got stuck, but Shield Evil escaped. The tamed wolves turned good and the heroes took all the wolves back to the castle.

 Here is a picture of the struggling Sir Bum-Smacker (he is so mad so he is hostile)

Hope you enjoyed this part of the story!

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Sir Wolf’s Castle – The tamed wolf home


Sir Wolf’s Castle

Bum Smacker and Shield Evil stayed in prison, just to make the wolf guards slowly move away, 2 by 2.  The pair were planning to create a “Tamed Wolf Home” and turn all tamed wolves against the wolves that weren’t tamed.

When only two guards were guarding the prison, Smacker created a sleepy potion, which put the guards to sleep. Sir Smacker and Shield Evil announced in the middle of the castle “I will now be known as Sir Bum-Smacker!”.

Guards came out and fought Sir Bum-Smacker and Sir Evil, but the evil pair had stolen the sleepy guards’ diamond swords.

Once all the guards were defeated, Sir Bum-Smacker stole loads of tamed puppies and wolves. Winter Girl attacked Smacker and Evil, but they were too strong. Heroan and Rose attacked and overpowered Shield, but Bum-Smacker escaped with all the tamed puppies and wolves.

Bum-Smacker escaped on a horse and disappeared in the distance.

Before sunrise, Sir Bum-Smacker created a potion that would take control of all the tamed wolves and puppies minds, but he stole an ingredient that said “Do not give to tamed creatures as it will allow mind control”. “Perfect”, thought Sir Bum-Smacker. He put a drop in all the wolves’ drinks.

Sir Bum-Smacker opened every tamed wolf and puppy’s mouth and put in a drop. While the wolves were quiet, Sir Bum-Smacker built a tamed wolf home.

Hope you enjoyed this story!

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Sir Wolf’s Castle – Story 2 Part 2

A long time ago, in a year, er, last year, anyway, I wrote about Sir Wolf’s Castle. I am determined to write about it at least 5 times every month this year, hopefully more. Sorry, I won’t be able to do that in January (it is almost over) but February will have some mind-blowing stories.

And I know what you are thinking, GET ON WITH THE STORY! so I will. Let’s start it.



Yes, I understand Bum Smacker is a really rude name for Smacker, but it was the only one I could think of. And oops, you are mad at me cause I am randomly talking, not getting on with the story.

All the Wolves fought Smacker and Evil, Untamed Wolves taunting Shield because of his surname. Evil said it was just natural, but the untamed gave Smacker and Evil pushes called “pushies”.

“Don’t give pushes, tamed wolves.” said Sir Smacker, who thought all wolves were tamed.

“Pushies are good for you” said an untamed wolf.

Smacker and Evil were overpowered. They were locked up and put in prison.

However, they have stolen the keys. Wonder what happens in Story 3?

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Sir Wolf’s Castle – Story 2

I hope you really liked Story 1! Anyways, it is time for Story 2, lets get going!

Wolfy Wolf was old enough to become king. Chas was happy for him to become king. A party was held, celebrating the fact that Wolfy (now known as Sir Wolf) was King.

Meanwhile, Sir Smacker and Sir Evil (now called Bum Smacker and Shield Evil), were watching. They were prepared to destroy Sir Wolf and rule the castle once again.

Sir Wolf was determined to beat the evil enemies.

“Guards, arrest them!” he said.

The guards locked Smacker and Evil up in prison. However, Shield Evil had stolen the key. He unlocked the door one night and escaped. The alarm went off and the wolves walked out, determined to beat Smacker and Evil.

What will happen in Story 2 Part 2? Well, leave your suggestions below as a comment!

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Sir Wolf’s Castle – Story 1 Part 2

So here it is, Story 1 Part 2. I know you all can’t wait, so I decided to write a Part 2 the day after. So, here is the story!

Epic Chas Gamer and Winter Girl fought well against Sir Smacker and Sir Evil. Some wolves helped Epic Chas Gamer and Winter Girl fight Smacker and Evil, but they quickly got tired. Then suddenly the ground began to shake and a voice boomed “Where is MY Wolfy Wolf!”. It was Herobrine. As soon as he saw Wolfy, he attacked Smacker and Evil with anger.

“How dare you!” shouted Brine. “Steal MY wolf?”.

Sir Smacker and Sir Evil were horrified. They ran away. Herobrine turned back into Brine. He said “When Wolfy is old enough, he will become king. In the meantime, Epic Chas Gamer will become king.”

“Thank you” said Epic Chas Gamer.

Many years later…

What will happen in Story 2. Why not make some suggestions in the comments below. Hoped you liked Part 2!

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