WebNet – a limited version of ECG SeaSurf for Windows

I have been thinking today, what should I develop after SeaSurf 1.1 (February 2017) is released. I was thinking a lot about people still using old Operating Systems, and for support with ECG SeaSurf you must be running at least Windows Vista SP2 or later.

For people using older OSes, SeaSurf may still work but you won’t recieve help for it. You may still use the web browser, but it won’t be fully supported.

I feel sorry for the people who use older OSes, either at Home, Work or School. So, over the next few months, I will be developing a more-limited version for those older Operating Systems. It will still work on newer OSes, but SeaSurf works better with new OSes.

SeaSurf will still be developed at the same time as WebNet.

WebNet will be developed and updated until at least 2023, and then you will probably of upgraded your OS version by then!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀