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The rate of Spam Attacks for this blog

Yup, I don’t usually post blogging content on this blog, but as this post is related to this blog, I felt I had no other option but to post it on here.

Spam is NOT funny or considered a Joke.

Many Spammers spam people, assuming it will be a little bit of a Joke. I have received spam comments that some say my blog’s latest posts aren’t too interesting. But here is why that comment is useless:

It was put in the spam queue and is staying there.

The comment is trying to sell me stuff. No thanks.

It was probably sent by a program that goes round spamming a group of blogs.

I will NOT create apps for Spam websites.

My new app building service allows you to ask me to build an app for you. I will NOT accept spam websites, or any inappropriate website on the net.

So, lets say at the same time, how many spam comments did Akismet (Anti Spam WordPress Plugin) save me from.

100… No.

200… No

300… No

400… nearly there.



Yes, and I am NOT celebrating, these 432 spam comments are not good. I would like a decrease of spam comment attacks, please.

Enjoy a spam free blog!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀

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