Update package cache every time the Raspberry Pi starts up

To install new software onto your Raspberry Pi, you should always update the cache first. This prevents errors and installs the latest version of the software available. It also lets you run the command ‘sudo apt-get dist-upgrade’ and get the latest OS version yet.

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How to update Raspbian to it’s latest version


There are a few ways to upgrade Raspbian to the latest version.

1. If using NOOBS then press SHIFT on your RPi’s keyboard when your RPi boots up and the screen saying Press SHIFT for recovery mode and reinstall Raspbian. However, this wipes all files off your Raspberry Pi’s SD Card.

2. If not using NOOBS then use a normal PC to write a new Raspbian image to the SD Card. Then plug the SD Card into the RPi and then boot the RPi up. This wipes all files off your Raspberry Pi’s SD Card as well.

3. However, there is another way to update Raspbian to the latest version. Also this one does not wipe your Raspberry Pi’s SD Card’s files.

To update Raspbian using this way, open up the Terminal and type the following:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get -y upgrade

sudo rpi-update

Sometimes you may need to install other software as well. For example, Raspbian Kernel Version 4.4 required the following extra commands to be typed into the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install piclone geany usb-modeswitch pi-bluetooth

sudo apt-get install python-pigpio python3-pigpio

Even better, this method to upgrade Raspbian to the latest version doesn’t wipe any data off of the Pi’s SD Card.


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How to download Raspbian ‘wheezy’ in 2016!

With a 4GB SD Card and a RasPi Model B, I wanted to install Raspbian. I tried to use my Pi3 and an SD Reader and dd to write the image of Raspbian over to my 4GB SD Card. Then I plugged the 4GB SD Card into my Pi Model B and booted it up and it booted but never got further than the ‘nonblocking pool is initialised’ message at my Pi’s bootup. So I booted up my Raspberry Pi 3 and plugged in my 4GB SD Card through an SD Reader. I went to https://downloads.raspberrypi.org and downloaded Raspbian ‘wheezy’ and soon I will use dd to write the image to the SD Card.

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Gameband and RasPi3

A Gameband is a cool wristband that backs up Minecraft data, allows you to create animations and even tell the time! You must plug it into your computer through USB to charge it, and while it is plugged in you can play Minecraft through it by opening the Gameband app and clicking Play Minecraft and you can customize animations and view them when the Gameband is unplugged from the PC. The thing is, could you use the Gameband application on a Raspberry Pi 3? The Gameband is compatible with Linux, so would it work on a RasPi3. I would really like to make PixelFurnace animations. I plugged my Gameband into my RasPi3 and saw the Gameband as a mounted USB Drive so I clicked on it and clicked on Gameband_linux.bat and pressed Execute and nothing happened! Is the problem to do with my Raspberry Pi 3, the Gameband or the Operating System. I have also found out that you can run Minecraft PC on a RasPi 3.

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NOOBS 1.9.2 won’t work on my Raspberry Pi anymore

Today I tried to upgrade NOOBS to a better version and rebooted my Pi3. Then I pressed SHIFT for recovery mode and there was nothing new! So I pressed ESC and my Pi suddenly showed a menu saying Select OS to boot and it showed no OSes! My SD Card is an 8GB and my NOOBS version was 1.9 and I tried to update it to 1.9.2! Please Help!

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