Sign up for ECG SeaSurf Premium 2018 early!

After ECG SeaSurf 2017, there is ECG SeaSurf 2017 Update Pack 1. There will probably be several more update packs for ECG SeaSurf 2017, but lets get planning for next year.

Next year?

It sounds a long way away, but seriously, time goes really quickly. So, there will be a Premium Version of ECG SeaSurf 2018 which has more features than the normal version. But you will need to sign-up for this. And many people would like to sign-up early so they don’t have to spend some time signing up later on, So, the ECG SeaSurf Premium 2018 page opened up today, giving you the opportunity to sign-up early.

Check it out here!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎

How to make a professional WordPress Blog

There are a few ways that I think will make your WordPress Blog more professional.

1. Customize your blog. This will make it look new and shiny, ready for some more posts. Try and Customize your blog so that it matches what it is about.

2. Use an anti-spam plugin for WordPress to avoid spam. Akismet is a good anti-spam plugin for WordPress.

3. Put some widgets on your blog. This makes your blog look good because the widgets are useful.

4. Check for spelling mistakes before publishing a post. Correct any spelling mistakes before publishing a post.

Epic Chas Gamer 😉