Minecraft For Parents – #1

VIEWER: Chas, haven’t you already done a guide for parents?

CHAS: Yes, I have, but I have not posted an update for a while.

VIEWER: Then why just carry on with where you were?

CHAS: I would, but the old posts were quite hard to find.

VIEWER: What do you mean?

CHAS: I haven’t posted a Minecraft for Parents update for a while so I decided I would reboot the guide.

VIEWER: You could just link back to the old posts.

CHAS: I would, but I may make a category for it this time.

VIEWER: Maybe you could reboot the guide and make it more easy to understand.

CHAS: Exactly!

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So today I will be telling parents what Minecraft is in this guide, remember to follow this blog so you are updated via email when updates to this guide come out!

Minecraft is a game where you can build, fight monsters, mine gems and much more. Many parents may know that their kids like the game, but what is it?

You can find more information at minecraft.net – the official website. Minecraft PE, Minecraft Xbox One, Minecraft Nintendo Switch, Minecraft Fire TV and Minecraft Windows 10 are all being merged into one game title: Minecraft and the PC version is being renamed from Minecraft to Minecraft Java Edition.

This guide was purely to announce the reboot and what Minecraft is. The next guide will be about prices and how to get it.


Become a Pro in Minecraft – a guide

1. Change your skin

Your skin is how your character looks. Get skins from minecraftskins.com or create your own using the minecraftskins.com editor or another editor like MCSkin3D. Links may change content at any time.

2. Start playing

There are lots of tutorials out there on YouTube!

3. Start mining.

Craft a pickaxe:

https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Pickaxe (links may change content at any time, remember!)

Mine some stone by mining underground. Dig a 2×1 hole and don’t mine straight down. Thank you guys!

Once you find some stone, use the link above (the minecraft.gamepedia.com one) to craft a stone pickaxe. Continue mining until you find a cave.

3. Explore a cave

Once you bump into a cave (you may not, if so then go and mine somewhere else or find a naturally generated cave and go exploring there) move around the cave and look for ore.

Coal ore has black coal in it and can be harvested using a wooden pickaxe. Iron (a peach colour) needs a stone, gold (yellow) and diamond (blue) require an iron Pickaxe to mine. Diamond is only found near the bottom of the world. If you are in a hills biome, you may find Emerald. In any biome, you may find redstone. Emerald needs an iron pickaxe and so does redstone.

4. Get back up to the surface

Mine a staircase back to the surface and make a crafting table if you don’t already have one (wood planks filling up the crafting grid) and make a sword (https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Sword) and a pickaxe. You are now a half-pro. Well done!


Stay Safe Online:

The links listed in this post were appropriate for all ages at the time of publishing. But links can change content. Remember to be aware about Online Safety at all times.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎


EpicChasGamer.com chat – #2

This week our subject is Minecraft. The Epic Chas Gamer addon has been updated recently to rename the spawn eggs to Spawn Chas and Spawn WinterGirl, whilst adding WinterGirl and new spawn egg textures. This addon is great.

Cool Tip:

Create an “Addon Survival” world and enable addons to make your world different. Remember to enable the “Chas Addon” so that zombies are cool (and husks are too).

I may make rollercoaster maps for MCPE and Minecraft: Java Edition in the future, and I may make “Fight Rollercoaster” maps where you have to fight a boss (may include addons MCPE)

More Addons should come soon (ChasWither, Surfer Addon). Surfer is the SeaSurf mascot if you didn’t know that.

My tablet (Hudl 2) has MCPE beta testing so when the 1.2 update comes, I will do a review on that. I do like the parrots that seem to be coming in the next update.

I hope you liked this chat!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎

Minecraft for Parents – #6

Last time I posted a Minecraft for Parents guide I taught you about the bonus chest (PC Only). This guide is about mining wood which works in all versions of the game. Wood is a very important part of Minecraft as without it, you can’t progress much further.

First, open up your copy of Minecraft. I will be using Win10 Edition for this.

What are behaviour packs? Well, they are a bit advanced, but they are part of Minecraft PE/Win10 that you can enable and tweak gameplay a little bit. Resource packs change the look of the game.

Click play.

If you have already made a world and used a bonus chest in PC then you don’t need to make a new world yet.

Walk over to a tree and left click and keep the click down until the wood disappears and appears as a small version of itself. Then you can collect it.

Continue doing this to pieces of wood. On PE, push your finger at a block and keep it pressed until you destroy it.



Minecraft for Parents – #4

The previous guide showed how to play creative mode and use the preloaded hotbar blocks (PE only). However, this guide focuses on using the inventory.

What is it?

The inventory has many different blocks in. In survival, you have to collect items to add to your inventory but in creative the items are preloaded.

How to access:

Access the inventory on PC and Win10 by pressing E. Exit by pressing ESC or E again. Tap the three little dots in the hotbar to open it in PE and press the dots again to exit or use the cross button. To open on Xbox, press Y. For Playstation, press triangle.

How to use:

In PC and Win10 versions you can click on the search button to search for items (creative only). In PE, this is sadly not possible 😥😥.

You can click on the tabs with block icons on to see different types such as combat and decoration. Scroll down and find different items. Click, tap or select these items to equip. On PC and Win10, click on them and move them over to your hotbar and then click to equip then on the slot of your choice. Exit the inventory and try building.

Minecraft for Parents – #3

Now that you have created a world, then it is time to get started. Move around with WSAD keys and jump with space. For PE, the controls are easy enough to learn by yourself. On the Win10 version, use the same controls as on PC.

Double tap on space to fly, press hard on space to fly higher, and double press space to fall. Use SHIFT to lower yourself. Try flying to explore your world.

Use the Small Circle control to jump in PE. Tap it twice to fly. Tap it twice again to fall.

You will see a bar at the bottom of the screen with blocks in. This is the hotbar. Use number keys 1-9 to navigate your hotbar. In the PE version, there are items preloaded in the bar. In PC, it is empty. In Win10 the items are preloaded just like PE.

As these guides are designed to be pretty simple, I won’t chat about the inventory in this post. In the next post I will go into discussing this.

Minecraft for Parents – #2

Welcome to the Minecraft Guide for parents! This is 100% unofficial but is still a great starters’ guide.

This post will be explaining about how to open Minecraft.

On the PC, double click on the Minecraft shortcut on the Desktop. If there isn’t one, then go to C:\Program Files (x86\Minecraft and right click on MinecraftLauncher.exe and click Send to, and then Desktop.

Then go to the desktop and a Minecraft shortcut should be there.

On Linux, you first need to get Java. It is free to download but remember that the latest Java 8 Update 131 (at the time of writing) should work well with Minecraft.

Then run the Minecraft.jar file you downloaded from Minecraft.net.

On the Mac, run Minecraft.dmg and then launch Minecraft from your Applications menu.

You should be greeted with a game launcher. This is normal, don’t worry, click on Play and Minecraft should download.

Once the game opens, click Single Player, then Create New world, and then take a look:

First, if you are a starter of Minecraft, which is very likely if reading this, you should just select Creative Mode, name your world something like “Starter World” and create new. As you get more experienced in Minecraft, you can tweak the world settings a bit.

In Windows 10 Edition, you launch the Game from the Microsoft Start Menu. You can pin it as a live tile if you want.

To create a world in this version, follow on:

Here is the world creation menu in PE and Win10 versions of Minecraft.

In the next post I will explain about building stuff in your world.

Mojang release new Minecraft PC Launcher – will automatically update

Mojang have released a new Minecraft Launcher for PCs and Laptops. It should auto-update – if not download the new game launcher from minecraft.net!

It is a major launcher update – it makes it really different!


It plays the game as normal, it is just a new launcher!

One lovely blog award – who are my favourite bloggers?

This challenge has spread across the internet like fire (I didn’t create this challenge) so I have decided to do one. Basically, I have to tell you 7 things about my character. And up to 15 bloggers I enjoy. I have over 40 followers, but as there are limits (a few don’t have blogs) and you can only do up to 15. I am sorry if I do not include you!

So, here are the 7 things about me!

1. I think about my web browser project, ECG SeaSurf , for a lot of my time. I love it because the world wide web is a big place, and making software that allows people to browse such a great thing makes me feel special.

2. I do not try to block the spotlight from other developers as I love seeing what others have produced too, and I love getting inspired.

3. I love playing video games because they are extremely fun, and it feels like I am in the game (no VR here!). They also take stress away.

4. I love writing stories, to entertain people. I am writing a story called Sir Wolf’s Castle, about Minecraft wolves and a villan called Sir Bum-Smacker.

5. I love looking at over blogs and leaving feedback and liking posts because I don’t want to look selfish.

6. I love ketchup. It is an awesome sauce.

7. There are lots of other things I love but don’t blog about: Star Wars and Legends of Chima, for example.


1. Codeinfig:

An author of a coding language called Fig, a coding enthusiast, and much more. Check out his blog at codeinfig.wordpress.com!

2. Jacque:

If you want to go beyond my app-making service (I would recommend trying it first and requesting a removal if you don’t like it), then Jacque is the person for you. He can even get your app published to the Play Store (I didn’t ask for an app because I can make one myself).

Check out his blog at themarvelousmind.com

3.  ARJ

If you want a guide to coding and you want to be a pro, then ARJ’s blog “A bit of everything – copy” is the place for you. He has another blog, pythongr.wordpress.com, which is worth checking out too.

Find his main blog at abdurrahmaanjanhangeer.wordpress.com

4. Daniel He hetianding

A Minecraft enthusiast, this blogger creates maps and then publishes them.

Find his blog at worldofmanyworlds.wordpress.com.

5. LZH

A real tech enthusiast, admin of a website called TechCentral which contains everything tech.

Leave a comment or like at limzhenghong.wordpress.com

6. AntonioWestley

A master blogger, who loves posting about sites he recommends.

Check out his active site at alltheeabove.wordpress.com.

Check out his inactive site at antoniowestley.wordpress.com

7. antepher

A real ESP8266 and Arduino enthusiast, as well as Python Expert, antepher maintains a blog called techtutorialsx.

Like and comment on his blog at techtutorialsx.wordpress.com!

8. Paul Sinha

One of my first followers, Paul Sinha appears on the Chase and is really funny.

Check out his blog at sinhaha.com

9. Old and New Reviews

Reviewing and playing video games, I enjoy reading this blog.

Follow the blog at oldandnewreviews.com!

10. Is there any blog you recommend?

I can’t think of a tenth, but I want to reach 10, so if you recommend a blog, plz leave  a comment.

PS: The rules (I have forgotten the URL to the original creator’s blog) also mention that you should post about being chosen. So, thank you codeinfig for choosing me! SO, remember that!

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