Some great Linux games

These games are available for Linux, and maybe Windows (I haven’t tried any yet)

1. GLTron

A fun, addictive cartoony game, GLTron requires you to use the WSAD keys to move around. You create a wall based on the colour your motorbike is, and so do the other 3 “coded” players: these players are basically extremely smart code. You can see which “player” crushed you with their wall.

2. SuperTux

SuperTux is the adventures of Tux, the Linux Penguin. Nolok has stolen Penny, dunno what for (haven’t played this in a while). Tux must save Penny from the Evil Nolok. This game is also available for Android. The only con is that once you have completed the whole game, there is nothing else to do but hard addon levels.

3. Minecraft

I should of put Minecraft in first place because it really beats GLTron, but I thought that Minecraft was originally made for Windows and then it was released for Linux. Also, it isn’t open source. But it is REALLY FUN! Most of you know how to play Minecraft already, so I can’t go into explaining the game, sorry.

4. SuperTuxKart

SuperTux, bla ba! Once you have tried SuperTux, you can continue his adventures in SuperTuxKart. It is based on Mario Kart and doesn’t work on the Raspberry Pi, OpenGL 2.1 or without.

5. What is your favourite?

I don’t personally have a 5th Linux Game yet, so what can you say?

QEMU on Raspberry Pi

QEMU is an emulator. It is available for Raspberry Pi and it can emulate old versions of Ubuntu and other OSes without installing them onto your Raspberry Pi.

Find the .img file that contains your desired OS.

Type into the terminal:

qemu-system-i386 -m 256M -hdd osname.img

Replace 256 with the amount of RAM (in megabytes) you want the Virtual Machine to have.  The more intensive the OS, the more RAM Required. 128M is the Max on 256MB Raspberry Pis. On 512MB Raspberry Pis, you can use 450M. On 1GB Raspberry Pis, you can use 750M.

If you need unofficial help with QEMU, comment on this post with your question.


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