Charlieseverythingblog not getting massive blog redesign like Epic Chas Gamer


Epic Chas Gamer 3.2 sneaky peek

Epic Chas Gamer is up to version 3.1, with 3.2 being released next week.

Charlieseverythingblog is still at version 2, and is not getting a massive blog redesign anytime soon.

Charlieseverythingblog is extremely valuable to me, but Epic Chas Gamer is my main and popular blog.

“Epic Chas Gamer is my main and popular blog”

Epic Chas Gamer

However, a Charlieseverythingblog version 2.38 has rolled out, and will bring some minor improvements to the blog’s look.


Charlieseverythingblog version 2.38 brings minor improvements of the look of the blog

The improvements are documented here!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎