Sir Wolf

Fact file:


Name: Sir “Wolfy” Wolf

Species: Wolf

Owner: Practically owned by Brine, but was Tamed by Winter Girl

Voiced by: Currently Unknown

Early life:

Wolfy Wolf was found by Brine, the prehistoric Herobrine, and stolen by Sir Smacker, who announced that Wolfy would become his slave and grow up under the influence of Sir Smacker, and a few years later, Wolfy refused, leading to Sir Smacker being overthrown by Chas and Winter Girl.

Wolfy learnt that he would become the king of the castle when he was older, and had to pass various trials to prove he was trustworthy to become the role of king. He was Tamed to be helped in his trials by Winter Girl.

Life as a king:

Sir Wolf became king at the age of 18 and saved Push from Shield Evil, who stole him back, and Brine stole him and kept him hidden for three years. Wolfy was delighted to discover that his son was still alive, but locked Brine up for his crime, though Brine escaped later on.

He survived many fights, though got corrupted by Shield Evil’s mind control potion, and destroyed the castle. When the potion wore off, he was ashamed of what he had done and ordered the remains of the guards to hurl Shield down into lava. Shield managed to survive, but could hardly move, and was defeated. Sir Wolf’s son, Push came and tried to help Shield Evil but he did not accept the help.



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