ECG SeaSurf Support Lifecycle

This page shows the lifecycle of all released versions of ECG SeaSurf.

SAFESIDE supported: this means the version is one of the most recommended to be used in terms of security.

Version                     Current Support              End of Support

SeaSurf 1.1             Currently supported        7th February 2020

SeaSurf 1.2             Currently Supported        12th March 2021

SeaSurf 1.3              Currently Supported        15th April 2021

SeaSurf 1.4              Currently Supported         22nd May 2021

SeaSurf 1.5              SAFESIDE supported      19th June 2021

SeaSurf 1.6              SAFESIDE supported      13th July 2021

Once a version has ended support, it will be noted on this blog how and why to upgrade to the latest or one of the latest versions as soon as possible.


SeaSurf relies on a good, healthy and secure version of Android. As SeaSurf gets newer, more versions of Android are released every year or so, and SeaSurf stops supporting old versions of Android to encourage users to move on to the newest possible version they can get. SeaSurf 1.5 requires Android 4.2 as a minimum version to install successfully.

Also, it is very important to keep the Android System WebView app up to date as well as SeaSurf. The System WebView powers SeaSurf so without it, SeaSurf cannot display web content for you to view. Also, the newer versions of WebView are more secure than the older ones. SeaSurf has, and will never support versions of Android incompatible with Android System WebView.

Newer versions of SeaSurf add new security features like determining whether a page is HTTPS or not. It is very important to stay updated to experience better security.

And finally, new versions add new features and goodies that you will love. If you want these you need to upgrade to the latest version for all the latest.