ECG SeaSurf for Android

Download ECG SeaSurf for Android – Version 1.4:

Read announcement here!

Download Version 1.3 – you shouldn’t use a SeaSurf version older than 1.4 as 1.4 contains a security feature many of you will find useful.

Download Version 1.2 – there is a low chance of having to do this as if your device runs 1.2, it should be able to run 1.4 without issues. You could use the link to install 1.2 if SeaSurf 1.4 is too buggy for your use, for example (NOT RECOMMENDED, REPORT BUGS HERE if experiencing issues with 1.4)

Download Version 1.1 – for devices running an OS older than 4.0.3. It could also be used for reference. However, you should update from your old OS if you want to keep your OS and SeaSurf version secure.

Visit the SeaSurf Android Bugs page to comment to report bugs.

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