Say something! A compliment, a complaint, anything!


I welcome feedback about my blog, negative or positive. However, if you have negative feedback then be polite whilst explaining the problems and don’t ‘blame’ me or WordPress (platform this blog is ran on) for the issues you encounter.

Do not spam. I use a spam filter called Akismet on my blog and it takes spam very seriously. If you are worried your feedback has been marked as spam, then make your feedback more relevant or comment on a related post with the feedback.

I do not welcome messages that you are sending just to annoy me, or other commenters or users, not just viewers of my blog in general. I will ignore, and if needed, block you.

Do not blame any other bloggers or people in general.

Do not go off-topic. The spam-filter will sort that out.


I hope to hear lots of great feedback from you!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎


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