Minecraft Pi Edition


I will show you how to get Minecraft Pi installed on a Raspi.

Note: If you have Raspbian Jessie, Minecraft is already installed.

For Raspbian Wheezy:

1. Open Dillo

2. Visit pi.minecraft.net, click the link and choose where to extract the files. Once done, go to the mcpi folder and click on minecraft-pi and click execute. Click start game, followed by create new.

Move with the WSAD keys and jump with space. Left click to mine/attack. Use the scroll wheel (or the numbers) to select the items in the hotbar. E will load the inventory and ESC will load the pause menu.


Minecraft-pi can also be programmed. Posts about programming Minecraft Pi in the future.


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MCPE Sky-Glide!

I guess that is what it is called, anyway.

Step 1:

Build a high tower out of any block. Go up to any height you want, I am going for the max (128 blocks).




Step 2.

Crouch and jump. Then click on the up button



Step 3. Move away from the tower of blocks. You can now glide around. Simply press on down to go down and go down to land to land on the ground. Press crouch to stop crouching.


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Coloured text in MCPE 0.11.0+

Now it is possible to write text – world names, seeds, Chat and signs, not to forget renaming on anvils in colour!


If using android launch up Minecraft PE and then once got to a typing interface, (eg sign) and use the keyboard

Go to ?123 and click ~[<. Then press hard on ¶. The § icon will apear. Select it.

The code is as follows
§1 – Dark Blue
§2 – Green
§3 – Turquoise
§4 – Red
§5 – Purple
§6 – Yellow
§7 – Light grey
§8 – Dark Grey
§9 – A darker blue (I guess, anyway)
§0 – Black

There are more codes like §(a letter) so experiment with the colours and patterns!

On iOS click hard on & and select §. The code is the same as android so you can also experiment (I got the spelling correct this time)!

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How to insert microSD cards into tablets and phones

1. Make sure your phone/tablet has an microSD card slot.

2. Insert the microSD card into the slot. MAKE SURE THE MICROSD CARD IS FACING THE RIGHT WAY.

3.Go to Settings/Storage and scroll down to the SD Card.



4. To move media to the microSD card, click Move Media to SD Card. Press hard on a file and then click on another to select multiple files. Click Move to move them!

5. Unmount the microSD card by clicking Unmount SD Card. Once unmounted, remove safely or remount again by clicking on Mount SD Card.


6. To move an app to the microSD card, go to settings/apps, click on an app and click Move to SD Card. DONT MOVE THE MICROSD CARD FROM PHONE/TABLET WHILE APP IS BEING TRANSFERRED. This will move the app to the microSD card.


Some apps can’t moved to microSD card


To move back to tablet, press Move to Tablet.



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