Nether Reactor in Minecraft Pi Editon

Only today I realised this: if you download a MCPE Survival map you can build and activate Nether Reactor Cores on the Map. Simply build a Nether Reactor. The Reactor should look like this:


Activate the reactor by right clicking on the Core. Once activated, Zombie Pigman should appear and a tower made of netherrack will appear. Enjoy!


If you can’t get the reactor working then make sure the map is Survival Mode (Technically it treats you like you are in Creative still) and find some advice online (example search. How to build and activate the nether reactor in MCPE 0.6.1) until it works.

If you have got it working then wait until holes naturally generate in the walls of the netherrack building. Then escape from the Zombie Pigmen!


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Today in Minecraft PE I actually found a horse and a Wolf. I had two bones that I had won off a skeleton and a saddle. So I tamed the two mobs! The wolf only needed one bone so I had one last bone left. I saw another wolf and tried to tame it but my one bone wasn’t enough. Here is the pic of the wolf that I didn’t manage to tame.





Now here is the pic of me and my horse and my wolf that I did manage to tame


The horse and my dog are epic!

Epic Chas Gamer 😊


Achivements in MCPE 0.15.0

Today I saw one new feature for MCPE 0.15.0 – XBOX logins. I don’t have an XBOX but once I tried out the beta and needed a login so I used my Microsoft account and got a gamer tag. So I used this login to login to Microsoft here. I went on my ECG (Epic Chas Gamer) World and mined a peice of wood. Guess what? I got an achievement!

Here are some pics of my more advanced achievements!

Screenshot_2016-06-16-07-26-14 Screenshot_2016-06-16-07-23-46 Screenshot_2016-06-16-07-22-09 Screenshot_2016-06-16-07-13-09

If you have a Microsoft account you can login as that and create a gamer tag.

Then I logged out of Microsoft.

You can log out by going to options and clicking sign out.

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MCPE 0.15.0

Yesterday I went on my hudl2 and saw that there was a few apps to update. I went onto the Google Play Store and saw that one update was for Minecraft Pocket Edition. So I updated it and then updated the other two apps. Then I opened Minecraft PE and I was all excited when I saw it was 0.15.0, not a bug fix update. When I went on a world I saw you could get pistons now, plus horses, which is epic!

The update is the full version not a beta build so you can update the game now!

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Firefox on the Raspberry Pi!

I now know how to install Firefox on the Raspberry Pi. I’ve got it on my Pi 3 but it should work with any Raspberry Pi.


  1. Open up the terminal and type sudo apt-get install iceweasel and press enter.


2.Β  Once installed, go to the ‘Internet’ category and click Firefox ESR.

3. Happy browsing!


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New USB with micro-USB for my Raspberry Pi!

Yesterday I bought a USB stick with 16GB of storage for my Pi 3 and it came with a micro USB so I could plug it into my hudlΒ Amazing! I plugged it in and it didn’t work. I went to Settings/Storage and went down to USB Storage and both options were faded grey as though I hadn’t even plugged the USB storage in.

My hudl is a hudl2.

Please help!

Epic Chas Gamer πŸ˜‚

PS: The storage works with my RPi 3

MCPE Multiplayer with Minecraft Pi Edition

The Pi Edition is based on an old version of MCPE, isn’t it. Can you play multiplayer between the two?

If you download a 0.6.1 APK you can play multiplayer by opening a world on the Pi Edition and pressing Join Game on the Pocket Edition. Amazing!




Hello Minecraft World!

I bet a lot of you readers want to know how to use the Python API for Minecraft Pi Edition.

To post a message to the chat, type into geany:

from mcpi.minecraft import Minecraft

mc = Minecraft.create()

mc.postToChat(“Hello Minecraft World!”)


You can replace Hello Minecraft World! with anything. It must be in speach marks though, unless you are putting a variable inside. For example:

from mcpi.minecraft import Minecraft

mc = Minecraft.create()

my_message = “Hello Minecraft World!”



which does exactly the same function.


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