Minecraft for Parents – #5

Sorry for not posting any guides for a few days.

Today I will explain Survival mode, a mode where your possibilities are limited by the fact that you have to collect items before using them.

To use Survival Mode, follow this guide to create a new world if you can’t remember how but change the gamemode to Survival instead of Creative. As a beginner, you shouldn’t try Hardcore as this gamemode doesn’t allow you to respawn after being killed once.

In More World Options, make sure cheats are disabled and enable Bonus Chest as this is a great feature for beginners. Then ignore the seed box and click Create New.

Version Difference:

The other versions of Minecraft don’t allow Bonus Chest which is a shame. Just ensure cheats are off and change Gamemode to Survival and click Create!

Look around for the bonus chest. Open it and you should get some starter items:

I got a stone pickaxe but as these chests are randomly generated you probably have different things.

Click on the item to move it. Hover over your inventory and click a free slot in your hotbar.

Then press ESC to exit the chest. Remember to do the same with all the other things (drag them to your inventory or hotbar).

Or, to suck all items into your inventory, close the chest with all the items in, and then mine the chest or the torches.

Some Minecraft Experts may say that you should not mine the chest and torches because if you need to find your starting point for some reason then the chests will show you it. However, torches are helpful for lighting up dark areas and when your inventory becomes full as you get better you may want to store your items in a chest.

Move around just like normal Minecraft and the next guide will come soon!


Minecraft for Parents – #4

The previous guide showed how to play creative mode and use the preloaded hotbar blocks (PE only). However, this guide focuses on using the inventory.

What is it?

The inventory has many different blocks in. In survival, you have to collect items to add to your inventory but in creative the items are preloaded.

How to access:

Access the inventory on PC and Win10 by pressing E. Exit by pressing ESC or E again. Tap the three little dots in the hotbar to open it in PE and press the dots again to exit or use the cross button. To open on Xbox, press Y. For Playstation, press triangle.

How to use:

In PC and Win10 versions you can click on the search button to search for items (creative only). In PE, this is sadly not possible 😥😥.

You can click on the tabs with block icons on to see different types such as combat and decoration. Scroll down and find different items. Click, tap or select these items to equip. On PC and Win10, click on them and move them over to your hotbar and then click to equip then on the slot of your choice. Exit the inventory and try building.

Sir Wolf’s Castle – the scary escape

Inside the Monster Tamed Wolf, a load of neutral wolves were trying to find their way out. They realised the monster tamed wolf was a parkour that would take forever to escape. One wolf found a ladder, but then Sir Bum-Smacker came falling down and they all fell onto a lower block.

“Thank you for that.” complained a wolf sarcastically.

“Sorry. I got eaten too.” mentioned Sir Bum-Smacker.

The wolves all leaped across parkours and Sir Bum-Smacker suddenly fell. He landed, and began to continue falling. He got a grip on a block and climbed up onto it. He continued running across the parkour.

The wolves began falling and then Sir Bum-Smacker’s eyes changed colour. They changed from red to green. His face became like an untamed wolf’s. The mind-control potion had worn off him.

He leaped and hurled himself and all the wolves onto a block. They were all surprised to see Sir Bum-Smacker saving them and they all ran out. Sir Bum-Smacker was now Sir Smacker and Shield Evil was so shocked. When Shield Evil sprayed mind-control potion at him Shield realised no-one was near him. Shield began to scream as he was transformed.

Everybody began to chat at the castle. All the tamed wolves were good again. When Sir Wolf began to talk to Sir Smacker, Sir Smacker faded away. He was seen in the clouds. Chas ran towards the clouds and hopped onto another cloud that looked like a destroyed castle. Sure thing, it was a destroyed, abandoned castle. WinterGirl ran up with him and they walked into the remains of the castle and then realised all the wolves and Sir Wolf were following them. They looked and saw the destroyed castle and then a wolf with a thick collar turned round. All of the wolves were shocked but Chas and WinterGirl gasped in surprise.

Meanwhile, Shield Evil had turned into an untamed wolf. The Monster Tamed Wolf licked its lips and came over. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Minecraft for Parents – #3

Now that you have created a world, then it is time to get started. Move around with WSAD keys and jump with space. For PE, the controls are easy enough to learn by yourself. On the Win10 version, use the same controls as on PC.

Double tap on space to fly, press hard on space to fly higher, and double press space to fall. Use SHIFT to lower yourself. Try flying to explore your world.

Use the Small Circle control to jump in PE. Tap it twice to fly. Tap it twice again to fall.

You will see a bar at the bottom of the screen with blocks in. This is the hotbar. Use number keys 1-9 to navigate your hotbar. In the PE version, there are items preloaded in the bar. In PC, it is empty. In Win10 the items are preloaded just like PE.

As these guides are designed to be pretty simple, I won’t chat about the inventory in this post. In the next post I will go into discussing this.

Minecraft for parents – #1

Welcome to the Minecraft Guide for parents! This is 100% unofficial but is still a great starters guide.

This post will be explaining about what different versions of Minecraft you can get.

Minecraft PC costs £17.95 ($26.95 in US) and runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Minecraft PE costs £4.99 ($6.99 in US) and runs on Android, iOS and Kindle Fire. It is also available for Windows 10 as Windows 10 Edition. The price is rising for Win10 version but existing users can still get updates for free.

Minecraft also works on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Wii U. 

Minecraft is available for a few VR headsets. Gameplay is usually like the Pocket Edition (PE).

Tommorow I will show you how to create a new world in Minecraft. 

Minecraft for Parents – #2

Welcome to the Minecraft Guide for parents! This is 100% unofficial but is still a great starters’ guide.

This post will be explaining about how to open Minecraft.

On the PC, double click on the Minecraft shortcut on the Desktop. If there isn’t one, then go to C:\Program Files (x86\Minecraft and right click on MinecraftLauncher.exe and click Send to, and then Desktop.

Then go to the desktop and a Minecraft shortcut should be there.

On Linux, you first need to get Java. It is free to download but remember that the latest Java 8 Update 131 (at the time of writing) should work well with Minecraft.

Then run the Minecraft.jar file you downloaded from Minecraft.net.

On the Mac, run Minecraft.dmg and then launch Minecraft from your Applications menu.

You should be greeted with a game launcher. This is normal, don’t worry, click on Play and Minecraft should download.

Once the game opens, click Single Player, then Create New world, and then take a look:

First, if you are a starter of Minecraft, which is very likely if reading this, you should just select Creative Mode, name your world something like “Starter World” and create new. As you get more experienced in Minecraft, you can tweak the world settings a bit.

In Windows 10 Edition, you launch the Game from the Microsoft Start Menu. You can pin it as a live tile if you want.

To create a world in this version, follow on:

Here is the world creation menu in PE and Win10 versions of Minecraft.

In the next post I will explain about building stuff in your world.

Sir Wolf’s Castle – Sword of Power

The ‘criminal’  arrived at the castle and ran in. He revealed himself as Chas and told the rest of the heroes that Shield Evil wanted a Diamond Sword called the sword of power. Chas rode a horse towards Wolf village and ran down the stronghold-based cave. He pulled out an item frame and placed the sword inside. He ran and came up to the surface and rode back to the castle. Chas then spilled paint over an Unbreaking I wooden sword that was almost broken which made it look like a diamond one. He rode his horse towards the Tamed Wolf Home and rang the doorbell. Shield Evil ran to get the door and was enraged to see Chas at the door. He said “Chas, the tamed wolves are now mine. There is absolutely no point in asking for them back”.

Chas said  “To your surprise,  I am not coming to take the tamed wolves back. I have a present for you”.

Chas handed over the sword of ‘power’ to Shield. Shield snatched it and started cackling. When Chas was leaving Shield didn’t hear Chas snigger.