Sonic Mania – make window fullscreen

Some gamers may see that on their laptops Sonic Mania is in a small window and they cannot resize or expand it. But it is possible to turn it fullscreen within the game settings. To do this, start up the game.

Then use your controller or keyboard to navigate to options. To play any platform Sonic game I would recommend a console controller.

Click on video once in options. Change Window Size to x2, and turn fullscreen on using the joystick on your controller or the arrows on your keyboard. Click on Y to apply the settings (confirm it and all that)

Now try playing Sonic Mania. Because of a bug, it may require you to confirm a few times but once you have confirmed it is recommended you close and open Sonic Mania again, but there you should have it. If you are encountering issues, comment down below. I should get back to you.

I hope it is working for you, and if it is not, remember to leave feedback!

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Snake 111 in

I actually saw Snake 111 in He was near the top of the leaderboard and he slithered towards me!

This is the first Snake 111 sighting EVER! He was the huge snake I saw and he was on the leaderboard. Comment to tell me whether you see anyone like this.


Sir Wolf’s pictures!!!

Sir Wolf’s Castle pictures! Check out WinterGirl’s blog!

Dog power by WinterGirl

There are WinterGirl skins above. You can choose which one you want and download it or you could download more than one.

I made a Sir Wolf’s castle picture book but instead of having them in a book I put them on my blog. It has wolves in it and it is full of fun and adventure! Most of them are screenshots and in some there are pictures of Chas’s old Minecraft skin.

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A game recommendation for Minecraft fans!

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 is a Minecraft game but with a story. You play as Jesse, who can be customised in terms of gender and skin colour. You must make choices that impact how the story goes and you must defeat bosses like the Admin.


Jesse finds a glove underground and puts it on and can’t get it off. A hole in the ground explodes that leads to the void. His/her friend, Petra tells him/her that there is an adventurer called Jack who lives in Beacontown (Jesse’s town) who may help. They find him and they go down to a sea temple to search for a structure block to fill up the hole. They have to go through fights and find prismarine guards that they must fight. Then they find the evil admin boss who tries to eat Jesse. They must escape the temple but it is very hard.

The Trailer:

Here are some screenshots:

(This shot is from Episode 2)

What Minecraft game wouldn’t have creepers? 🙂

Should she pick up the glove? There is only one option: Yes.

Do you want to experience the Admin boss in Minecraft Bedrock Edition (MCPE, MCWin10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)? Well, download the addon here!

The game is really fun and I enjoy it!

EpicChasGamer 😎



Think your comment has been marked as spam when it shouldn’t be? Well, speak up!

If you have commented on my blog and you think you may have been marked as spam when it isn’t, speak up! No spam-filter is even 95% accurate, so use the form below to tell me.

The details you must enter must be the exact same details that you used to comment. This form is only intended for speaking up about spam. If you want to complain about lag, or give me a compliment or complaint, or any other feedback then use this form instead.

Thank you.

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Cannot make AI assistant! Can someone help?

I have been developing an AI assistant called ‘Surfer’ and I added a few functions to it (who created you, what info do you collect, etc) and currently Surfer cannot tell the time, so he says: i cannot tell the time yet. But if I ask one of the questions I added that isn’t “What’s the time?” then Surfer just says the response he would say if he would tell the time. Here is the unfinished code for Surfer:

# Surfer Code for 2017
# Surfer is a digital assistant that is designed by

import pygame, time, sys
from Tkinter import *

question = raw_input("How can I help you? ")
if question == 'privacy' or 'Privacy' or 'PRIVACY' or 'How do you use my information?' or 'how do you use my information' or 'how do you use my information?' or 'How do you use my information':"Responses/privacy.ogg")
if question == 'who created you' or 'who made you' or 'Who made you' or 'who made you?' or 'who created you?' or 'Who made you?':"Responses/creator.ogg")
if question == "What's the time" or 'what is the time' or 'What is the time?' or "What's the time?" or 'The time' or 'the time':"Responses/thetime.ogg")

while == True:

Thank you.
EpicChasGamer ☹ (sad because of my coding failure)

If water burned you in Minecraft

Water is known for letting you swim in it, in both real life and Minecraft. But what if, in Minecraft, that changed? What if water burned you in Minecraft? Lets take a look in this blog post at what would happen:

Two players were fighting each other. One player grabbed a sword with Fire Aspect and set the other one on fire. The player who got hit ran for its life and jumped into some water. The player began to burn even more and it was destroyed.

A player was mining and it mined a piece of redstone ore, and water was behind it and it flowed. The player didn’t care until it realised it was burning.

Ocean Monument – Attempt 1:

A pro player was crossing a beach and then he saw an ocean monument. He put on diamond armour and grabbed a sword. He leapt into the water. Ouch.

Ocean Monument – Attempt 2:

The pro player opened his chest and put on diamond armour again. He placed a boat and leaped onto it. The boat roasted.

Ocean Monument – Attempt 3:

The player managed to escape from the water and built a bridge. He realised that he would have to go underwater to get to the monument.

Ocean Monument – Attempt 4:

The player drank a potion of fire resistance and swam underwater. He swam through the monument and then his effect ran out. Game Over.