I’ve been a little less active recently but promise I won’t fall into inactivity like I did last year. I’ll be blogging frequently again when I have some ideas on blog post topics!

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1st December

Hi guys, today it’s the 1st December, so only 24 days until Christmas now. Get your advent calendars ready! 🎅



Why you should play Minecraft.


Minecraft is a really fun game where you explore biomes, build houses, craft equipment, mine blocks and more. There are two main game modes: creative and survival. Creative mode is where you get all the Minecraft blocks and build whatever you like! You also get spawn eggs so you can get any creature you wish.                          In survival mode, however, you spawn, you mine wood, you build a base to protect yourself from the creatures that come out in the night and attack you. You go mining and when you have enough diamonds you mine obsidian and make a nether portal. Then you get to explore the nether dimension.

Even though Minecraft costs money, it is a good game. I would recommend it to anyone who likes adventure, construction and that kind of thing.

Minecraft is my all time…

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Paint 3D Sir Wolf’s Castle

Good Minecraft artwork – you should check it out!


I made Sir Wolf’s Castle in Paint 3D!!!

WinterGirl – I found out how to do emojis on my laptop (Windows key and full stop )  🐺🐕🐩🐶😊😎

Hi everyone. It’s me, WinterDog!!!! I was going to ask WinterGirl if I could write my name at the bottom of the page like she does. I hope she says yes!!!!

I have told you before WinterDog!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!


Fine. Do it whenever.I am bored of telling you no so do it whenever.

Thank you!!!!

Let’s start again. Remember, I do the emojis and write my name first. You write “and WinterDog”.

Ok!!!! But can I do some emojis too????


WinterGirl and WinterDog  🐺🐕🐩🐶😊😎    🐺🐕🐩🐶😊😎

Sir Wolf's Castle in Paint 3D

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Check out WinterGirl’s blog

WinterGirl is a little downhearted about her blog’s lack of followers, comments, and views and has not blogged for months because she feels as if she is talking to thin air. On her blog, Dog Power by WinterGirl, you will find gaming posts as well as posts about dogs and other great stuff.

If you like the gaming content of this blog I do strongly recommend checking out her blog too. Make sure to check it out, follow it, and comment positive stuff to encourage her to start blogging again.


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Samsung already testing Android 10 on Galaxy S9 and S10

It has been confirmed by multiple sources that Samsung are already testing Google’s Android 10 on Galaxy S9 and S10 devices.

Private firmware version G960FXXU7DSI3 for S9, G965FXXU7DSI3 for S9+, both Exynos variants. For the S10, US carrier T-Mobile is testing firmware version G975USQU2CSI5 for the S10+ US Snapdragon variant. These firmware versions are all based on Android 10. There is still no leaked early beta from last year, but it shouldn’t be too long until the S10 beta is publicly opened.

Rumour has it that Samsungs wireless DeX feature from the Note10 and now on the S10 will make its way to the Note9 and S9 in Android 10. There won’t be many changes UI-wise, unlike last year where One UI revamped the whole UI to something new.

I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated on news about Android 10 for Samsung devices. As for S8 users, I haven’t heard much and the S8 is unlikely to be receiving the update due to already having received two major OS upgrades in the past.


iOS 13.1 has been released by Apple

As of yesterday iOS 13.1 alongside iPadOS 13 has been released to the public for all iOS devices compatible with iOS 13, which are:


  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S+
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7+
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8+
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max


  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Mini 5
  • iPad 9.7 (2017)
  • iPad 9.7 (2018)
  • iPad 10.2 (2019)
  • iPad Air (2nd generation)
  • iPad Air (2019)
  • All iPad Pro models

iPod Touch

  • iPod Touch 7th generation

If you are on the iOS 13/13.1 beta you will have to delete the beta profile before attemping to update, otherwise you will either be offered the latest beta (if on an older beta) or told that you are up to date (if you are on the latest beta).

The following devices remain on iOS 12 and will not receive any future updates, except in very exceptional circumstances (refer to iOS 6.1.6 and iOS 9.3.6).


  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6+


  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Air (1st generation)


  • iPod Touch 6th generation

If you want to update your device, then the update is available to download and install right now. You also still currently have the opportunity to downgrade to 12.4.1 right now, so if you want to go back, now’s that time. Chances are Apple will stop signing iOS 12.4.1 soon, preventing downgrades without the use of device specific SHSH blobs.

If you’re on a device that doesn’t support iOS 13, don’t worry! Your device will remain operational on iOS 12 not to mention most apps will still support it until iOS 14/15 is released so you still have plenty of time to plan an upgrade whilst still having access to a great majority of apps.

What iOS device are you using and what iOS version does it run? Leave a comment down below.

Enjoy your update!


Most used phones in my collection

I have many phones in my collection, as well as iPods and tablets, although I am still looking to expand my tablet collection (Nexus 7 and iPad 1st gen are tablets of which I am planning to buy at some point). This blog post, however, is about the phones (and one iPod) of which I use the most often. Please note that my Galaxy S9 does not count since it is not a backup/collection phone at the moment and is currently still my daily driver, not to mention that I am writing this blog post using DeX on it so I’d say it’d be quite hard to get pictures of anyway.

iPhone 4S

This iPhone 4S has since been downgraded to iOS 8.4.1 using the iOS 6 OTA method since I purchased it on iOS 9.3.5. Most of the time I have to resort to downloading old, previously compatible versions of apps such as Pages, WordPress, and Opera Mini, but some apps still support iOS 8 even on their current version. iOS 8 runs fairly well on the 4S, but not as good as iOS 6 did. I managed to buy this iPhone for £25 although it did originally have charging issues which were fixed by the shop for free when I brought it back in.

iPhone 6S

I was given this iPhone 6S for free and it had a shattered screen and at the time it ran iOS 11.0.1, but Touch ID did not work and even if it did, considering how unstable iOS 11.x was, I would probably have upgraded anyway.  Upgrading to iOS 12.2 (latest iOS at the time, I think) fixed Touch ID. I tried replacing the screen myself but a cable connecting the screen to the board snapped and in the end I got it professionally repaired and decided that if I wanted to start repairing phones, I should start out on less complicated ones, such as the iPhone 4 and old Samsung phones. I have not attempted repairing another phone yet but at some point I will but it definitely won’t be anything post-4S or post-S4. When iOS 13 was released as a public beta, I downloaded it but later switched to the developer beta instead and am currently on 13.1, dev beta 4.

iPod Nano 7th generation

I bought this iPod Nano 7th generation for £75 from a local second hand gaming shop.  I use it mainly for listening to FM radio, as well as listening to music and downloaded videos on the go.

Galaxy J3 (2016)

I was given this phone for free and the first thing I did was install LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2 Nougat) on it. It now runs fast but it does have a couple of scratches on the screen and doesn’t vibrate when someone calls or I get a notification. Whether this is a universal J3 (2016) issue, an individual hardware issue, or an issue with the ROM I’m using I don’t know. But this made me realise that this is an unreliable backup phone and my backup SIM card goes to… my 6S.

Upcoming devices for my collection

I do plan on expanding my collection in the future. Who knows what good offers on phones I will find. My tablet collection is also lacking with only one tablet in it at the moment, two if you count my daily tablet driver.

  • ASUS Nexus 7
  • iPad 1st generation
  • Galaxy S II
  • Galaxy A3 (2015)
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS

My plans for the Nexus 7 is to test it on all of its available Android versions to see how slower/faster it gets as it is updated. For the iPad 1st generation, I plan on installing an old version of OneNote on it as well as Apple productivity apps and using it as a notepad and portable but fairly large productivity device. For the Galaxy S II, I plan on debloating it to make it look like stock Android 4.0 rather than TouchWiz. For the A3, I honestly don’t know what my plans are for that yet but I have heard of some good custom ROMs for it. For the iPhone 3G, I plan on downgrading it to iOS 2.x, getting a box for it, and putting it on display as a collector’s item. As for the 3GS, a downgrade to iOS 4.1 seems likely and then I’ll test out some old apps and games.

What devices do YOU own and what do you use them for? What phones, tablets, and iPods do you plan on adding to your collection in the future and why? Leave your answers down below in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed this post!