666 snake slither.io

An unusual snake 🐍 found in slither.io by WinterGirl208, who will now be known as Snake 666 is a player to be wary of.

Dog power by WinterGirl

I was picking up some drops in slither.io. Then I saw someone else called 666. He was a green snake with an alien face and he was picking up drops too. Suddenly he saw me and slithered in front of me. I was also playing online not against Artificial Intelligence.

Please believe me!

WinterGirl 🐶☺🐶

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There have been lots of Internet Crazes recently – the Floor is Lava, for example.

Would you rather have three pizzas with baked beans or five pizzas without?

Yes, the ‘Would you rather?’ challenge.

My answers to the question above:

I would prefer three pizzas with baked beans.

To spread the Would you rather challenge, share it as #WouldYouRather online and then your question (eg, #WouldYouRather get three iPhone 4s or one iPhone 7?) and see what responses you get. Also link to this blog post.


#WouldYouRather get three iPhone 4s or one iPhone 7?



Should I become a youtuber?


A big fright (story)

A great story from WinterGirl 😎😎

Dog power by WinterGirl

There were once two wolves called WinterWolf and EpicChasWolf. They lived together in the mansion that Chas and WinterGirl lived in which was the most wonderful mansion ever.

The mansion was one of the most amazing place for a wolf to live in. There were bone blocks in each corner for the wolves to nibble at occasionally.

One day the two wolves went out venturing. Suddenly they got lost and turned back but they could not find their way back. Eventually WinterWolf climbed a tree but fell down and got injured a lot so they carried on going. As luck would have it, they soon saw the castle. WinterWolf got so distracted she bumped into a tree. She had a regeneration potion so her heath was back to normal. It was quite tiring to get back but at least they were safe.

I hope you liked my story!

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Sir Wolf’s Castle – Reboot Story 1

Shield Evil was an evil king, who ruled with a prince (who wasn’t even his son) called Sir Smacker. He was not very nice to any wolves and no-one dared to refuse to do what he said.

One day, a man called Brine bought a puppy called Wolfy but Shield puppynapped him and Brine became Herobrine and plotted revenge. Shield planned on making the 8 year-old Wolfy a slave when he was 12. When Wolfy was the right age he refused to be slave.

What will happen in Story 1 Part 2. Will Wolfy survive or will Shield destroy him? I guess you all know from the previous stories, but it might change in the rebooted version.

Epic Chas Gamer, owner of EpicChasGamer.com 🙂

Chas addon – updated

This Chas Addon for MCPE is updated to add WinterGirl and new Spawn Egg definitions and textures for Chas and WinterGirl.

Download the .ZIP file, extract it and tap on the chasaddon.mcaddon to install the update.



Epic Chas Gamer 😎

Minecraft – Why Zombie Horses don’t let you ride them

One day, there was a player. A player playing during a storm. The player stopped to see a green horse.

“Weird.” he thought as he went towards it. He realised it was a zombie horse so he put on a zombie head.

“Woo hoo!!!!!” screamed the player, riding around on the horse after putting on a saddle. Then he stopped and thought.

“Zombie Horsey, I need to get my diamond pickaxe”

He rode the horse to the house and stopped. He went inside and the zombie horse saw through the window that he was providing pin codes to get through an enormous mansion just to get to a few tools.  He had taken off his zombie head as well.

“I suppose they are diamond tools, and I always thought he wasn’t exactly a zombie.” thought the horse.

Then a zombie came towards the zombie horse, enraged.

“How dare you run away!” shouted the zombie. The zombie hit the horse twice with an iron sword.

And that is why zombie horses don’t let you ride them in Minecraft.