Scored 163 in Bendy Road

I Just Scored 163 in #BendyRoad ! Can You Beat Me?! market://details?id=com.ketchapp.bendyroad


I will blog more frequently from now on.

I’m sorry for not posting as often as I used to. However, since I have a lot of followers, I think I should start blogging more frequently soon.

I hope you enjoy posts that I publish in the future!


This blog has been running for years now

I am fairly sure this blog was created in 2013/2014. Sure, I didn’t post anything on here at all in 2015, but I sure had fun when I reached over 700 views on October 8th 2016. Now, it is 2018 meaning this blog has ran for five or four years.

I am planning on blogging more frequently and finding new stuff to post about, so keep in track!

I hope you enjoy the upcoming blog posts!


I’m back!

Sorry for my inactivity on WordPress recently. I just wanted to inform you I have recently lost interest in blogging but since I am gaining a following, I will try to post a little more often. I apologise for my time away.


it is snowing on my blog

Snowing on my BLOG? Yup! December the first today and there is now snow on my blog.

I may be doing a Google Santa Tracker review soon, to get festive for the season.



Hello everybody

Hello everybody, it’s WinterGirl here. I would like to recommend the game “Bad Piggies”. It is an angry birds game where you are a pig πŸ– and you have to get past the levels and build the vehicles to get past them. I am very experienced at this game but I am experienced at everything, really!

Hope you enjoy!