I’ve scored 362 in Death Run 3D, a game on Y8.com.

And I’m 31st in the leaderboard.

I’m SunsetYT on Y8.

Anyways thanks for reading this short blog post, bye.


PS: You can play the game for yourself at http://www.y8.com/games/death_run_3d


Hello everybody.

A few months ago, I found a video game called Slope, which can be found at Y8.com. The game is where you have to move your ball around and jump from wall to wall without falling off. My best score ever was around 130, and you should concentrate on the game if you want to get a great score.

The game is found at y8.com/games/slope.


Epic Chas Gamer 😀

80 Followers + Wormax.io

Hello everyone! Recently, I stumbled upon a game you can play in your browser called Wormax.io. It is similar to slither.io but the snakes are replaced with worms and they look different. Here is a screenshot of my worm growing large in it!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this game I found!


PS: Also, I have hit 80 followers! Thank you to everyone who followed this blog to be notified of new posts via email.

XRacer on Y8

Anyways, I was looking for fun games to play and I found this cool game called XRacer.

Basically, you have a spaceship and have to avoid the obstacles and get as far as possible. If you go through a red ring, your spaceship gets slower, if you go through a green ring your spaceship gets faster, and when you pass through a blue ring you get extra points.

The obstactles get harder as you continue playing. I recently reached a high score of 9224m, my best score as of now, and that is a very hard score to achieve.

Play the game at http://www.y8.com/games/xracer


Epic Chas Gamer

ROBLOX Jailbreak – Is being a guest illegal?

Image result for no guests allowed roblox

Yesterday I logged into Roblox Jailbreak on my laptop as a guest. I managed to escape and I ran far. But somehow I was caught by someone and I was taken back to prison.

I understand that was the aim of the game, but did they target me in particular as I was a guest?

Who knows?

Maybe they did.

Maybe they didn’t.

But JAILBREAK, Roblox’s Cops and Crims, got an update the other day, so play on it and look for ChasCraftMC!


Minecraft Story Mode – Would you rather?

Hello guys! Yesterday I downloaded the new Minecraft Story Mode episode and I played through it. When I came to the weapon room, I got a Would you Rather? question. Would you choose an iron sword with sharpness enchantments on it, or a diamond sword without. I went for the iron sword as it was probably just as strong. What would you choose? Share your choice in the comments section below!



Hello Everyone! Obviously you know this, but I am EpicChasGamer and as some of you know, I got Sonic Mania yesterday and I managed to resize the window. But I am here today to talk to you about a secret level (spoilers included) found in Chemical Plant Zone’s Act 2. You fall into a seat and there is a game of tetris beneath you, which you can play using the joysticks on your controller. You play against Dr. Robotnik, and I realised something about this secret level.

IT IS DR. ROBOTNIKS MEAN BEAN MACHINE!!!! Yes, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine is a video game where you play tetris against Dr. Robotnik. This was a hidden level only a few of you guys may of noticed, and even if you noticed it, not everyone would of realised that it is Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine.

Thanks for reading!

EpicChasGamer 😎

Sonic Mania – make window fullscreen

Some gamers may see that on their laptops Sonic Mania is in a small window and they cannot resize or expand it. But it is possible to turn it fullscreen within the game settings. To do this, start up the game.

Then use your controller or keyboard to navigate to options. To play any platform Sonic game I would recommend a console controller.

Click on video once in options. Change Window Size to x2, and turn fullscreen on using the joystick on your controller or the arrows on your keyboard. Click on Y to apply the settings (confirm it and all that)

Now try playing Sonic Mania. Because of a bug, it may require you to confirm a few times but once you have confirmed it is recommended you close and open Sonic Mania again, but there you should have it. If you are encountering issues, comment down below. I should get back to you.

I hope it is working for you, and if it is not, remember to leave feedback!

EpicChasGamer 😎