Minecraft – How to make an armour stand friend

Do you feel lonely in singleplayer? Well, if so, then you could make an armour stand friend that could protect you. Follow this handy tutorial?

First, do /give @p command_block. This will give you a command block. Place the command block and use the following command:

/tp @e[name=Whatever you will call your armour stand] @e[name=Whatever you will call your wolf] (or whatever you want the mobs to be known as)

What does this mean? Nothing yet. Then spawn a wolf, tame it and name it whatever you want. Then spawn an Armour Stand and put armour on it, and change its pose by crouching and right clicking/pressing hard on it. You could put a head on the armour stand and be sure to give it a sword. Call it something. Make sure your wolf is standing.

Now set the command block to repeat and get a lever and activate it. The armour stand should walk with the wolf. Now do the following:

/effect @e[name=ArmourStandGaming] invisibility 10000 1 true

Replace ArmourStandGaming with whatever you want the wolf to be called. This will make the wolf invisible. Now it will look like the armour stand is moving on its own. To make your armour stand friend stay alive for a long time, type the following commands into the chat:

/effect @e[name=Whatever you called your wolf] health_boost 10000 4 true

/effect @e[name=Whatever you called your wolf] regeneration 60 4 true

Now you should have a loyal armour stand that will protect you.

R.I.P Chas 2. Killed by Chas 1’s armour stand friend.

Your armour stand friend is loyal to you.

It attacks anyone you hit, even cows!

Use commands to make your companion healthier.

Happy Chas day!

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Maybe I will get 80 by the end of the year!

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EpicChasGamer.com chat – #2

This week our subject is Minecraft. The Epic Chas Gamer addon has been updated recently to rename the spawn eggs to Spawn Chas and Spawn WinterGirl, whilst adding WinterGirl and new spawn egg textures. This addon is great.

Cool Tip:

Create an “Addon Survival” world and enable addons to make your world different. Remember to enable the “Chas Addon” so that zombies are cool (and husks are too).

I may make rollercoaster maps for MCPE and Minecraft: Java Edition in the future, and I may make “Fight Rollercoaster” maps where you have to fight a boss (may include addons MCPE)

More Addons should come soon (ChasWither, Surfer Addon). Surfer is the SeaSurf mascot if you didn’t know that.

My tablet (Hudl 2) has MCPE beta testing so when the 1.2 update comes, I will do a review on that. I do like the parrots that seem to be coming in the next update.

I hope you liked this chat!

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1,000 likes for this blog!

That’s what I like!

Yup, I have had 1,000 likes on WordPress! This is a great achievement and I would never of got it without your help. I am aiming for at least 10,000 views on WordPress by the end of the year. I have already beaten last year’s views, but should I set a new record for this year?

Thank you all for the great amount of likes!

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New Domain!

Hello Guys! I guess that many of you were tired of ads on my blog. I see your point of view. Today I upgraded to WordPress.com Personal Plan to get a new domain (epicchasgamer.com) and no more ads! I hope you enjoy my upgraded blog!

Began using Polldaddy Ratings for likes!

As most of us bloggers know, when we sign up for WordPress.com, we get Polldaddy accounts too. This allows us to make polls and also add post ratings. You can leave feedback without leaving a comment. For people who aren’t used to the Polldaddy ratings system, classic WordPress.com likes will be available for everyone. The Polldaddy rating system will be seen at the bottom of each post. I hope you enjoy the new liking system.