New Domain!

Hello Guys! I guess that many of you were tired of ads on my blog. I see your point of view. Today I upgraded to Personal Plan to get a new domain ( and no more ads! I hope you enjoy my upgraded blog!

Began using Polldaddy Ratings for likes!

As most of us bloggers know, when we sign up for, we get Polldaddy accounts too. This allows us to make polls and also add post ratings. You can leave feedback without leaving a comment. For people who aren’t used to the Polldaddy ratings system, classic likes will be available for everyone. The Polldaddy rating system will be seen at the bottom of each post. I hope you enjoy the new liking system.

Small Blog Changes

The following about my blogs have changed:

Charlieseverythingblog no longer exists. It is now called Chas’ blog of Everything and is going to be written on once every week. The new blog can be found at and has been deleted.

SuperTechPower has not changed.

The ECG SeaSurf Blog is now found at ECG BeProductive has been reborn and both BeProductive and SeaSurf shall be written about on this blog. is no longer active.

This blog has not changed, though I am thinking of changing its address to something that matches the title. WordPress has a special feature that subscribes all followers of the old blog to the new blog… automatically. I don’t know yet. Vote in the poll below:


One lovely blog award – who are my favourite bloggers?

This challenge has spread across the internet like fire (I didn’t create this challenge) so I have decided to do one. Basically, I have to tell you 7 things about my character. And up to 15 bloggers I enjoy. I have over 40 followers, but as there are limits (a few don’t have blogs) and you can only do up to 15. I am sorry if I do not include you!

So, here are the 7 things about me!

1. I think about my web browser project, ECG SeaSurf , for a lot of my time. I love it because the world wide web is a big place, and making software that allows people to browse such a great thing makes me feel special.

2. I do not try to block the spotlight from other developers as I love seeing what others have produced too, and I love getting inspired.

3. I love playing video games because they are extremely fun, and it feels like I am in the game (no VR here!). They also take stress away.

4. I love writing stories, to entertain people. I am writing a story called Sir Wolf’s Castle, about Minecraft wolves and a villan called Sir Bum-Smacker.

5. I love looking at over blogs and leaving feedback and liking posts because I don’t want to look selfish.

6. I love ketchup. It is an awesome sauce.

7. There are lots of other things I love but don’t blog about: Star Wars and Legends of Chima, for example.


1. Codeinfig:

An author of a coding language called Fig, a coding enthusiast, and much more. Check out his blog at!

2. Jacque:

If you want to go beyond my app-making service (I would recommend trying it first and requesting a removal if you don’t like it), then Jacque is the person for you. He can even get your app published to the Play Store (I didn’t ask for an app because I can make one myself).

Check out his blog at

3.  ARJ

If you want a guide to coding and you want to be a pro, then ARJ’s blog “A bit of everything – copy” is the place for you. He has another blog,, which is worth checking out too.

Find his main blog at

4. Daniel He hetianding

A Minecraft enthusiast, this blogger creates maps and then publishes them.

Find his blog at

5. LZH

A real tech enthusiast, admin of a website called TechCentral which contains everything tech.

Leave a comment or like at

6. AntonioWestley

A master blogger, who loves posting about sites he recommends.

Check out his active site at

Check out his inactive site at

7. antepher

A real ESP8266 and Arduino enthusiast, as well as Python Expert, antepher maintains a blog called techtutorialsx.

Like and comment on his blog at!

8. Paul Sinha

One of my first followers, Paul Sinha appears on the Chase and is really funny.

Check out his blog at

9. Old and New Reviews

Reviewing and playing video games, I enjoy reading this blog.

Follow the blog at!

10. Is there any blog you recommend?

I can’t think of a tenth, but I want to reach 10, so if you recommend a blog, plz leave  a comment.

PS: The rules (I have forgotten the URL to the original creator’s blog) also mention that you should post about being chosen. So, thank you codeinfig for choosing me! SO, remember that!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀




The rate of Spam Attacks for this blog

Yup, I don’t usually post blogging content on this blog, but as this post is related to this blog, I felt I had no other option but to post it on here.

Spam is NOT funny or considered a Joke.

Many Spammers spam people, assuming it will be a little bit of a Joke. I have received spam comments that some say my blog’s latest posts aren’t too interesting. But here is why that comment is useless:

It was put in the spam queue and is staying there.

The comment is trying to sell me stuff. No thanks.

It was probably sent by a program that goes round spamming a group of blogs.

I will NOT create apps for Spam websites.

My new app building service allows you to ask me to build an app for you. I will NOT accept spam websites, or any inappropriate website on the net.

So, lets say at the same time, how many spam comments did Akismet (Anti Spam WordPress Plugin) save me from.

100… No.

200… No

300… No

400… nearly there.



Yes, and I am NOT celebrating, these 432 spam comments are not good. I would like a decrease of spam comment attacks, please.

Enjoy a spam free blog!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀

Introducing the World of ECG

"The Blue Marble" photograph of Earth, taken by the Apollo 17 mission. The Arabian peninsula, Africa and Madagascar lie in the upper half of the disc, whereas Antarctica is at the bottom.

View of the Earth from far away. Image: Wikipedia

Today I introduce to you: The World of ECG.

The World of ECG contains awesome stuff. You can even tell me how I am doing using the feedback poll.

And remember, I am adding to it all the time. Check it out here!

I hope you enjoy it.

Epic Chas Gamer 😀

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