The Return of this Blog

Hello everyone, Chas (or EpicChasGamer as you previously have known me). I’m sorry for not posting for over a year. I really am. I just didn’t know what to post and eventually gave up. But I checked out my blog today and it really brought back some great memories. Such as almost three years ago when I got hundreds of views on my blog and comments, some from famous people.

I’ve grown up a bit more from since when I last posted, and I am wondering whether to keep the name of this blog as EpicChasGamer or change it. I’m much more into technology now, and I still love Linux, but I have gotten more into mobile phones and have started a collection of them. My favourites are: iPhone 4S, Galaxy J3, iPhone 6S, and Galaxy S9.

Chances are I’ve lost a few followers from my massive break, but hopefully more people will stumble upon this blog and follow it and like the posts.

Expect more posts about phones and technology, but I’ll continue posting about Minecraft. I’m still enthusiastic about the Raspberry Pi, and will be looking into the Raspberry Pi 4 at some point to buy and review one. I wonder how well regular Ubuntu will run now that we have 2GB and 4GB RAM options and an upgraded GPU.

I also discovered Samsung DeX earlier this year and found out about Linux on DeX which allows you to run Linux with DeX. I was delighted when Samsung announced they would support the S9 with Linux on DeX a few months back and have since been using Linux on DeX and regular DeX frequently.

I have also gotten into Garageband. I’ve enjoyed making music on it and may make a few tutorials on here so others can master it as well.

Regarding SeaSurf I’m not so sure. I loved the idea of making a web browser but I also recall some stressful moments when encountering errors when I was just trying to add simply functionality to it especially on the PC version. Development of the mobile version wasn’t so tough so there is a chance SeaSurf will continue but as a mobile only browser.

Here are a couple of polls:

Anyways, I hope you’re looking forward to this blog resuming, and get ready for new, amazing posts!



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Hello everyone. I know this is obvious, but I am EpicChasGamer and today I want to hear what you think of my blog and any questions you may want to ask me. This will replace the Feedback form (to avoid spam).


Why are you trying to remove the feedback form?

The reason I want to remove the feedback form is to avoid spam. If you previously told me something via the feedback form, comment below what you want to say to get a response.

Why are you making our feedback public?

You can like people’s comments and give stars on them. This helps people give their voice out about feedback.

Will the guidelines remain the same?

The only guideline that will change is that your feedback will now be public, not private. Your personal information (email) is never shown on and it never will be shown.

Can we just chat?

Yup. You can chat about Minecraft,, Sonic Mania or anything. Coding, Herobrine, anything you want. Just keep the chat appropriate and safe for all, and have fun!

Comment below with what you want to chat about!

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1,000 likes for this blog!

That’s what I like!

Yup, I have had 1,000 likes on WordPress! This is a great achievement and I would never of got it without your help. I am aiming for at least 10,000 views on WordPress by the end of the year. I have already beaten last year’s views, but should I set a new record for this year?

Thank you all for the great amount of likes!

Epic Chas Gamer, Proud Owner of ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Began using Polldaddy Ratings for likes!

As most of us bloggers know, when we sign up for, we get Polldaddy accounts too. This allows us to make polls and also add post ratings. You can leave feedback without leaving a comment. For people who aren’t used to the Polldaddy ratings system, classic likes will be available for everyone. The Polldaddy rating system will be seen at the bottom of each post. I hope you enjoy the new liking system.

The ProWolfGamers

Me and WinterGirl maintain a blog that was once SuperTechPower, then ProMinecraftGuide, then ProWolfGamers. We write about gaming failures and success on there, as well as tips for other gamers. You can find the blog at

Games we write about:



Minecraft PC and PE

Crossy Road

MS Solitare

Guest Games:



Minecraft Pi Edition

MS Minesweeper (may possibly extend into a main game)

Please check out the blog.

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Small Blog Changes

The following about my blogs have changed:

Charlieseverythingblog no longer exists. It is now called Chas’ blog of Everything and is going to be written on once every week. The new blog can be found at and has been deleted.

SuperTechPower has not changed.

The ECG SeaSurf Blog is now found at ECG BeProductive has been reborn and both BeProductive and SeaSurf shall be written about on this blog. is no longer active.

This blog has not changed, though I am thinking of changing its address to something that matches the title. WordPress has a special feature that subscribes all followers of the old blog to the new blog… automatically. I don’t know yet. Vote in the poll below:


This blog is no longer the place for ECG SeaSurf stuff


A new blog, found at, now is the home for ECG SeaSurf stuff. This blog is currently still the home for signing up for ECG SeaSurf Premium next year.

Remember to check the new blog out!

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