Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s do a quick recap on everything that has happened on this blog over this year.

This year I returned from my absence on this blog in September so there isn’t really anything blog relevant before that. In September after looking at my blog for nostalgia purposes and realising that I still have time to make an amazing comeback I decided to return.

I decided to change the theme and make a few tweaks as well as start Python code tutorials, and in case you’re waiting impatiently for the next tutorial, there will be tutorials to come this year. I will also be working more with my new Pi 4 next year, and doing Pi OS reviews.

I’ll also be posting more gaming posts next year so stay tuned for those too. I may also be giving my blog a makeover next year to really modernise it.

Happy new year everyone! And bye 2019!

-Chas 😎


I’ve now got 100 followers.

I officially have 100 followers.

Thanks to everyone who followed, liked, and commented on my blog, I really appreciate it. I’ve come far from a blogger with no followers and little potential to one with 100 followers and lots of potential.

EpicChasGamer.com day was yesterday. I only got about 70 views, unlike the previous day where I got 158, but now I’ve got 100 followers, meaning I am probably going to get more views in the future.

Once again, thanks everyone!

-Chas 😎


It’s the big day today, and I’ve also now got 96 followers.

Last night I got 95, but being too tired to post I decided to wait until morning. Now it’s the morning, I appear to have gained another follower, making it 96 followers.

That means only 4 to go until the big 100. It’s also EpicChasGamer.com day today, where I usually get loads of views and maybe a few followers. But even if I don’t, thanks for the support everyone! I’ll also check out some of your blogs at some point to see if I should follow any.

Happy EpicChasGamer.com day everybody!

-Chas 😎

EpicChasGamer.com day is tomorrow

Three years ago tomorrow, I got the most views I’ve ever gotten on my blog.

Tomorrow is the day. Three years ago tomorrow I got the most views in a day I ever got. I can’t remember exactly how many, but I remember that it was over 600. I also got a lot of new comments and followers, some famous people.

Today I also appear to be getting more views than normal. So far, I’ve gotten 80 views consisting of 64 different people viewing.

I’m wondering how many views I’ll get today and tomorrow.

Happy EpicChasGamer.com day eve everybody!

-Chas 😎


As of today, my blog has received 90 followers.

The restarting of my blog happened at the start of last month, where I checked my blog to revive some old memories. But then when I saw a post I made on 8th October 2016, almost three years ago now, which got lots or views and comments, even some from famous people, I decided I would try to start blogging on here more frequently again after not posting for over a year.

At first, I did miss out on a few days. At one point, I didn’t post for over two weeks because I quickly lost interest because I wasn’t used to blogging at the time. But then I came back, posted again, and again. Now I’ve been posting on here for three days in a row.

Today, I received my 83rd WordPress follower (7 followers of mine are email addresses). So adding the amount of email and WordPress followers together gives me 90! Only ten to go until the big 100!

Thanks for following, liking, and commenting on this blog over the years. Had you not done so, I may not have restarted blogging last month nor post such great content on here. I now know I have an audience I’m talking to which has encouraged me to blog frequently again.

Thanks guys!

-Chas 😎

The Return of this Blog

Hello everyone, Chas (or EpicChasGamer as you previously have known me). I’m sorry for not posting for over a year. I really am. I just didn’t know what to post and eventually gave up. But I checked out my blog today and it really brought back some great memories. Such as almost three years ago when I got hundreds of views on my blog and comments, some from famous people.

I’ve grown up a bit more from since when I last posted, and I am wondering whether to keep the name of this blog as EpicChasGamer or change it. I’m much more into technology now, and I still love Linux, but I have gotten more into mobile phones and have started a collection of them. My favourites are: iPhone 4S, Galaxy J3, iPhone 6S, and Galaxy S9.

Chances are I’ve lost a few followers from my massive break, but hopefully more people will stumble upon this blog and follow it and like the posts.

Expect more posts about phones and technology, but I’ll continue posting about Minecraft. I’m still enthusiastic about the Raspberry Pi, and will be looking into the Raspberry Pi 4 at some point to buy and review one. I wonder how well regular Ubuntu will run now that we have 2GB and 4GB RAM options and an upgraded GPU.

I also discovered Samsung DeX earlier this year and found out about Linux on DeX which allows you to run Linux with DeX. I was delighted when Samsung announced they would support the S9 with Linux on DeX a few months back and have since been using Linux on DeX and regular DeX frequently.

I have also gotten into Garageband. I’ve enjoyed making music on it and may make a few tutorials on here so others can master it as well.

Regarding SeaSurf I’m not so sure. I loved the idea of making a web browser but I also recall some stressful moments when encountering errors when I was just trying to add simply functionality to it especially on the PC version. Development of the mobile version wasn’t so tough so there is a chance SeaSurf will continue but as a mobile only browser.

Here are a couple of polls:

Anyways, I hope you’re looking forward to this blog resuming, and get ready for new, amazing posts!


Leave feedback for me in the comments below!

Hello everyone. I know this is obvious, but I am EpicChasGamer and today I want to hear what you think of my blog and any questions you may want to ask me. This will replace the Feedback form (to avoid spam).


Why are you trying to remove the feedback form?

The reason I want to remove the feedback form is to avoid spam. If you previously told me something via the feedback form, comment below what you want to say to get a response.

Why are you making our feedback public?

You can like people’s comments and give stars on them. This helps people give their voice out about feedback.

Will the guidelines remain the same?

The only guideline that will change is that your feedback will now be public, not private. Your personal information (email) is never shown on EpicChasGamer.com and it never will be shown.

Can we just chat?

Yup. You can chat about Minecraft, slither.io, Sonic Mania or anything. Coding, Herobrine, anything you want. Just keep the chat appropriate and safe for all, and have fun!

Comment below with what you want to chat about!

EpicChasGamer 😎

1,000 likes for this blog!

That’s what I like!

Yup, I have had 1,000 likes on WordPress! This is a great achievement and I would never of got it without your help. I am aiming for at least 10,000 views on WordPress by the end of the year. I have already beaten last year’s views, but should I set a new record for this year?

Thank you all for the great amount of likes!

Epic Chas Gamer, Proud Owner of EpicChasGamer.com 😎