Get an Android App for your blog – just ask!

Welcome to ECG Tools for Android

Get a free app for your blog or website today!


1. Epic Chas Gamer’s blog

Download it from!Asov5XVfbr4hlDUN2kftGablziMo
2. arjBlog

Download it from!Asov5XVfbr4hlDZi07a8pveKAL0F

3. FNblogging

Download it from!Asov5XVfbr4hlDcOyJSL_K9uF8WI

4. my five experts

Download it from!Asov5XVfbr4hlDgEcx-RMtMCi_YS



Why you should get an app for your blog

What are the benefits of having a mobile app for your blog?

More people view your blog: A link to your app will be placed on my blog, meaning that followers and fans of my blog will see the link and may download it.

Get a basic app for your blog.

App shown in picture not released yet. Will be available sometime this month.

Get a mobile app for your blog and give me feedback. Just comment on this page. Here is a sample comment:

Example guy says:

Yes please, I would likes mobile app for my blog.

App Name: Example

Blog URL:

Minimum Android Version: Android 4.1

Blog name: Example

1. This service is free to use.

2. App will not be published to Google Play.

3. Android only. Not compatible with iOS.

4. You may NOT use someone else’s blog.

5. Do not moan about the quality of your app. The aim of this service is to help people provide feedback on the app version of this blog.

Epic Chas Gamer 😎

This page will be set as blog homepage for until 29th January 2017.

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