This blog has been running for years now

I am fairly sure this blog was created in 2013/2014. Sure, I didn’t post anything on here at all in 2015, but I sure had fun when I reached over 700 views on October 8th 2016. Now, it is 2018 meaning this blog has ran for five or four years.

I am planning on blogging more frequently and finding new stuff to post about, so keep in track!

I hope you enjoy the upcoming blog posts!


XRacer on Y8

Anyways, I was looking for fun games to play and I found this cool game called XRacer.

Basically, you have a spaceship and have to avoid the obstacles and get as far as possible. If you go through a red ring, your spaceship gets slower, if you go through a green ring your spaceship gets faster, and when you pass through a blue ring you get extra points.

The obstactles get harder as you continue playing. I recently reached a high score of 9224m, my best score as of now, and that is a very hard score to achieve.

Play the game atΒ


Epic Chas Gamer

I’m back!

Sorry for my inactivity on WordPress recently. I just wanted to inform you I have recently lost interest in blogging but since I am gaining a following, I will try to post a little more often. I apologise for my time away.


How is it going?

Hello everyone! I just want to tell you how good things have been for me.

Things have been great. 42 subscribers on YouTube, no way! And 75 followers for my blog as well.

Good news:

I have a growing fanbase on YouTube. People love my tutorials and videos. A LOT less spam comments than on here (not offending WordPress in any way, no)

Bad News:

Not everyone on YouTube is cool. Some people dislike your videos for NO REASON. However, with 42 subscribers, I guess I don’t have to worry about dislikes as I know I have a fanbase that like my videos.


Yes, I am continuing with this blog. And SeaSurf Sunset is going to get a release soon, I don’t know when. I love it when WordPress make it snow on blogs until 4th January. Anyways, see ya’ll again soon.

Chas πŸ˜€

My last post…


This post isn’t about Minecraft, Sonic or any type of video game, this post is about coding (yay)

So I am going to be learning some BINARY. Yeah. A secret code made of numbers.

01000011011010000110000101110011 means Chas in binary. If my blog’s title was binary, it would be:

01000101011100000110100101100011010000110110100001100001 01110011010001110110000101101101011001010111001000101110011000110110111101101101

Hope to do more the future with binary! Goodbye for a week!

Chas 😎

So here is what’s going on…

Hey everyone! It’s Chas here and today I am going to explain why I have not posted since October and also, just one question, what’s going on with this blog?

Well, three people have followed my blog during my inactivity, so now I have 73 followers. At 73 followers something was going to happen for 5 days, what was it?!

Oh yes, I remember what it is now. WinterGirl208, owner of, was going to take over my blog for a few days. So enjoy!

Chas 😎