Do you have a cool idea for my blog? Well, comment on this post with your idea! πŸ˜€

49 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. Have you given any thought to having a mobile app version of your blog? I am a blogger and mobile developer looking for app testers, and would develop and publish your app on the Google Play Store at no cost to you. The app would a direct shortcut of this blog and I can usually have it ready within a few days. I would greatly appreciate it if you could test the app (thoroughly) and contact us with any concerns or changes you think others would like. Of course right now it would only be available to Android devices, but once we get the Apple versions ready, we would have those ready for testing as well. This would help you better distribute your site and help me become a better developer

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    1. Hey Jacque! I have been developing a mobile app myself and think I will be OK with developing it myself. I am typing this from my mobile app. It will be available as an APK later this month. I don’t really want my app published to Google Play anyway. Thanks for the idea though 😎😎

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      1. If you are thinking about uploading it to your blog I have a script you can put in your functions.php file to allow apk files to be uploaded


      2. To allow word press to upload apk files
        1. Go to Appearance
        2. Select editor
        3. Click on the functions.php file
        4. Paste this

        add_filter(‘upload_mimes’, ‘wpdm_custom_mimes’);
        function wpdm_custom_mimes ( $existing_mimes=array() ) {
        // Add file extension ‘apk’ with mime type ‘application/
        $existing_mimes[‘apk’] = ‘application/‘;
        return $existing_mimes;


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      3. For it to show for me sometime I have to click a tab other than the appearance tab, and then click the tab again and you should see a drop down with editor in it

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      1. If there was an editor for wordpress com, then any edits would apply to everyone, not just the person that made the edits. And, how weird you didn’t know I was using, it’s in my URL


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