Hi, I’m Chas. I love gaming, technology. coding, phones, and Raspberry Pi’s.

On this blog I post daily about things that interest me. Sometimes it’s a project I’m working on, sometimes how to fix something, sometimes a ‘today in tech history’ post looking back in time, and sometimes a bit of news. I sometimes also give my blog ‘makeovers’ where I may change the theme and style. I’ll post about that too.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. you are now, like myself, a proud victim of one of these award things:


    basically you post 7 things about yourself and nominate “up to 15” other bloggers. (i did 7, for reasons i explain there.) dont worry, you dont have to read the whole thing– just consider checking out the 7 people i recommended (well really its you, plus 6 others.)

    enjoy πŸ™‚

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      1. lol, “up to 15” (i did 7. if you only know a couple great bloggers, you can do those.)

        you can nominate me again, but considering that i just did this yesterday, im going to have to say “thanks very much” and decline πŸ™‚ this thing is only for fun though.

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