Happy 15th birthday to the iPhone

15 years ago today, at Apple’s Macworld conference, Steve Jobs announced and presented the original iPhone. Featuring a 3.5 inch screen and working with the 2G network, some tech outlets suggested that this phone was nothing more than a gimmick and would fail for various reasons. These predictions turned out to be wrong, and now the iPhone is one of the most popular brands of phones, with over one billion active users worldwide. Almost 1 in 7 individuals is an iPhone user.

Some of the articles predicting the failure of the iPhone.

The original iPhone went on sale in the United States on the 29th June 2007, and came to Europe in November.

15 years later, the iPhone has definitely changed a lot. The iPhone 3G was released a year later, with support for the 3G mobile network. The phone kept its 3.5 inch screen up until 2012, when the iPhone 5 came out. Touch ID was introduced along with 64-bit processing on the iPhone 5S a year after. The iPhone 6 offered two options for screen size, although it also suffered from bendgate. The iPhone 7 in 2016 ditched the headphone jack. On the iPhone X in 2017, most of the bezels on the screen were gone but a notch, which remains present on the latest iPhones, was there for the camera and Face ID sensor introduced that year.

Overall, the iPhone changed everything about phones. Without the iPhone, it is likely phones from other brands could have taken years to get to the phone designs we have today. Happy birthday to the iPhone 2G, and thank Apple for it.

Before I go, it’s worth noting that Apple almost made the iPhone with a clickwheel.

Credit: Engadget

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