OneUI 2.1 released for Galaxy S9

The OneUI 2.1 update with June 2020 security patch has been released for Galaxy S9 and S9+ phones.

Currently, the update is only available to download in Germany, Taiwan, and Korea, but we can expect to see it roll out to further countries during the coming weeks.

The update includes features such as Quick Share, which is similar to Apple AirDrop; Music Share, which allows you to share your phone’s Bluetooth audio connection with other devices; and in the camera app, there are a ton of new features too including Single Take as well as the pro video mode removed in OneUI 1.0 making a comeback.

With the update also comes a new AR Zone app which puts all the great AR camera features of the Galaxy S9 in a single app.

These are just a few of the many features the S9 has received in the OneUI 2.1 update. However, the update is currently not available in many countries but hopefully will roll out soon to more countries. The update also includes the June 2020 security patch, so it’s recommended you download it.

Sadly, the S9 will probably not be getting Android 11 when it is released on Samsung phones, as it is still following a strict schedule for software updates with only two major OS upgrades, but this could be a sign that Samsung are reconsidering their two major OS upgrades policy for the future.

If you live in Germany, Taiwan, or Korea, then you can download the update now. Otherwise, you will have to wait a little while but hopefully it will come out soon for more countries and carriers soon, as I and I’m sure a lot of you would love to try it.

When OneUI 2.1 gets released in the UK I will not hesitate to do a review on the update, as it definitely sounds good. For now though, I will just have to wait.

Enjoy the update if you can, and if you can’t get it, then please enjoy it when you do get it.

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