Five reasons to buy the Galaxy S9 in 2020

The Galaxy S9 may be over two years old now but this phone still has a lot of redeeming qualities that make it perfect for anyone looking to buy a flagship in 2020.

Reason #1: Software support

The Galaxy S9 was updated to Android 10 earlier this year

The Galaxy S9, despite being two years old, still has plenty of life in it when it comes to software support. It has seen updates to Android 9 Pie and Android 10 and it keeps getting better. Whether Samsung will decide to break the two OS upgrades tradition next year by updating it to Android 11 I don’t know. But regardless, it still has a year of monthly OS upgrades left and after that it will receive quarterly updates for another year.

Reason #2: Performance

The Galaxy S9 still performs amazingly

The Galaxy S9 can still run intensive software without issues. Whether that be a web browser with several tabs open, a word processor, or the newest 3D video games, the S9 remains a good phone. Multitasking remains a smooth experience on the phone too and no stutter happens.

Reason #3: Price

The Galaxy S9 has decreased in value and can now be bought for cheaper than ever before

The Galaxy S9 comes at quite a good price in 2020. It can be purchased unlocked on Amazon for less than £450 now, and you can probably get a good deal on your favourite carrier if you look. Either way, the S9 remains a well priced phone even in 2020 and a good option for those looking for an older flagship.

Reason #4: Samsung DeX

A USB-C to HDMI adapter can now be used with an S9 for Samsung DeX

The Galaxy S9 has Samsung DeX which allows you to turn your phone into a PC by hooking it up to a TV. Starting with Android 9 Pie, the DeX dock or pad is no longer needed and you can instead use a USB-C to HDMI adapter to connect your phone to your monitor. Once you’ve got Samsung DeX running, apps such as Microsoft Office, web browsers, and photo editors will transform into PC-like experiences.

Reason #5: Solid design

The Galaxy S9 still has a solid design

The Galaxy S9 still has a solid design that holds up even in 2020. It has a 5.8 inch screen, glass back, and infinity display. Its fingerprint scanner is located perfectly beneath the camera. The S9 still has a great design even in 2020.


The Galaxy S9 is still a good phone even in 2020

Despite its age the Galaxy S9 still makes a great phone even in 2020. It’s speedy, still has a couple more years of security updates ahead, can be bought for a good price, has Samsung DeX, and also a great design. If you can I’d recommend you get an S10 or even S20 instead, but if you’re on a budget the S9 still makes a great phone.

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