How to install iOS 13 on the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S ended on iOS 9, meaning it missed out on a whole load of great features of later iOS versions, including a revamped Apple Music, smarter Siri, group FaceTime, redesigned control centre, dark mode, and much more.

However, recently a workaround has been found for the iPhone 4S. The iPhone SE can run iOS 13, and also has a small screen, meaning essentially iOS 13 can be ported to the iPhone 4S. It required a lot of tweaking, but a group of developers have gotten it to run.

However, this release does have some bugs. These are as follows:

  • Camera does not work.
  • Bluetooth does not work.
  • WiFi is laggy.
  • Apps that require iOS 11 or later or a 64-bit iPhone will crash.
  • You cannot make phone calls, send texts, or use mobile data.
  • It is incredibly slow and buggy.

This is an early development preview. Some issues cannot be fixed, particularly 64-bit apps and possibly camera as these are hardware related bugs. However, this is a great concept, and if you enjoy tinkering with your devices, it is something I’d recommend.


To install iOS 13 on your iPhone 4S, you’ll need:

Step 1:

First you must put your iPhone in DFU mode. To do so, connect it to your PC, turn it off, then press both the power button and home button for 8 seconds to turn it on.

Step 2:

Secondly, you must extract the tools zip to an empty folder and then move the IPSW file along to.

Open a terminal window, and run the following:


Replacing DIRECTORYNAME with whatever you called the folder.

Step 3:

Thirdly, you must run the following:

sudo ./

This step could take a while depending on your internet connection. Once done, run:

sudo ./

This process will take a while. It will install iOS 13 onto your iPhone 4S but also prepare the iPhone 4S to accept an unsigned IPSW beforehand.

Step 4:

sudo ./

Your iPhone will now boot. It will take a while; remember, you are using an older iPhone not officially capable of running iOS 13.

After installation

After installation you will arrive at the iOS homescreen. You can enable dark mode from settings, check out the new control centre, whatever you want. Be aware, it sucks your battery up, and iOS 13 will never likely be a thing for everyday use on the iPhone 4S as it just doesn’t work well with it.

Oh and by the way….

APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes this was a prank, iOS 13 is pure 64-bit and will never run on the iPhone 4S.


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