The next Galaxy Note is unlikely to be called the Note11 but rather the Note20 instead

Up until early this year we expected the S20 series to be called the S11 series, but early this year leaks began to surface claiming the then-upcoming phone would be called the S20 instead. And then at Unpacked, the S20 was launched.

This change was kinda expected by some, considering the Galaxy A series adapted a ten times table naming scheme for these phones. Some expected this naming would be exclusive to the A and M series but the S series adapted this as well.

But will the next Note be the Note20 or Note11? It would make sense for the Note20 to be the preferred name option. It’s new and doesn’t lag behind the inferior S20. Here’s why.

Samsung skipping the Note6 in 2016

The Galaxy Note7 was recalled in 2016 after reports of it exploding and setting fire randomly

In 2016, Samsung did not announce the Note6 at Unpacked as the successor to the Note5, but rather the Note7.

At the time, Samsung had already released the S7 and started to fear that the lower number of the Note series would mean the Note phones would not sell as well as their inferior S series.

So Samsung skipped the Note6 and went straight to the Note7, which ended up exploding, catching fire, and then being recalled and bricked with software updates.

But the year after, the Note8, which didn’t explode, was a great success, and is still a fairly solid phone today.

Samsung tend to pass features over from S to Note

The Galaxy Note10 trio, like its S10 counterpart, included a 5G variant

In the past, Samsung have passed a lot of features over to Note from the S series phone of the same year. For example, when Samsung ditched the microSD slot with the S6, they followed with the Note5. The Note8 inherited the S8’s design, the Note9 inherited the S9’s intelligent scan, and the Note10 inherited the S10’s hole punch and they both had a 5G variant. You get the idea.

The Note20 will likely inherit a lot of the S20’s features, but most of all it will likely inherit the S20’s number in its name in order to show that it is on its generation.

Future name confusion

A Galaxy Note11 could cause confusion years later when a phone with the Note20 name is released

Let’s say the Note20 does get called the Note11. Several generations later, the Note20 is released, as who knows what Galaxy S phone’s Note counterpart. To the new generation focused on the present and future, they’ll see the Note20 and view it as an old phone, like a counterpart to the then-ancient Galaxy S20. Therefore not as many people would buy this future Note20 phone, putting Samsung in the same problem they had before 2016 with Note phones being associated with S phones with the same number suffix.


Leakers and tech websites have already started to predict what the Note20 may look like

To conclude the future Note is very likely to be called the Note20 and not the Note11 so that it doesn’t lag behind its inferior S20, because they would want users to associate the S20 and Note20 with the same generation and set of features, and not to cause confusion in several years time with a phone called the Note20.

The Galaxy Note20 is expected to be announced by Samsung at Galaxy Unpacked later this year.

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