Older Samsung phones will receive the OneUI 2.1 update

In late 2018, Samsung released OneUI 1.0 based on Android 9 Pie. First to receive the update was the S9 duo and the Note9, the latest flagships of the time. Next up was the S8 duo and the Note8. Then followed several Galaxy A phones, a couple of Galaxy J phones, and later on the Galaxy M phones.

Galaxy S10’s OneUI 1.1 update that never made it to other phones

The Galaxy Note10 ran OneUI 1.5 compared to older phones which ran 1.1 or 1.0
However, when the S10 series launched, these phones came preinstalled with OneUI 1.1. OneUI 1.1 was still based on Android 9 Pie and not much changed, but there were a few new features such as digital wellbeing and Bixby routines. But older phones such as the S9 did not have this, and did not receive an update to OneUI 1.1, and instead received the features a year later in OneUI 2.0. The S8, for example, on the other hand, never got these features as it never got Android 10.

OneUI 2.1

OneUI 2.1 came preinstalled on the Galaxy S20 series
This year, the Galaxy S20 series were launched along with the Galaxy Z Flip running a slightly newer version of OneUI 2, aka 2.1. This release includes features such as Samsung’s alternative to AirDrop, known as Quick Share.

Galaxy Note10, S10e/S10/S10+/S10 5G, Note9, and S9 duo to get OneUI 2.1 later this year

Galaxy S9+
If you desperately want the features OneUI 2.1 provides then you’re in luck! I have learned via SamMobile that a Samsung forum moderator has confirmed that the Note10, S10 series, Note9, and S9 duo will get OneUI 2.1 at some point this year. There is no guarantee all of the features of OneUI 2.1 will make it to these devices however; some hardware-based features like 120Hz display definitely won’t run on older devices. But it’s good to see Samsung at least committing to their older devices, and could even be a sign for better long-term support in the future.

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