At £1300, the Galaxy Z Flip deserves more than two major OS upgrades

Ever since the original Galaxy S’s release in 2010, Samsung have been providing two major OS upgrades for their flagships. Back then, this was amazing support for Android devices as many manufacturers didn’t even release one major OS upgrade. But in 2020, two major OS upgrades is minimal even for Android devices.

Other companies

The original Google Pixel
Last year, Google surprised us all by updating the original Pixel and Pixel XL to Android 10. That wasn’t all; the OnePlus 3 and 3T received their third major OS upgrade to Android 9 Pie.

In 2018, Apple released iOS 12 to 2013’s iPhone 5S, meaning that the phone had received five major OS upgrades since it was launched on iOS 7.

Samsung support

Galaxy S7 users were disappointed when Samsung didn’t update their phones to Android 9 Pie last year
Samsung however have remained abiding to their updates policy — two major OS upgrades and three years security updates. In 2018, a bunch of hopeful users were let down when they found out their S6 series phones were not going to receive Android 8 Oreo. Last year, S7 users were hopeful Samsung would break the cycle and give the S7 Android 9 Pie. There was no update but the S7 duo carried on getting security updates, only that they were delivered every quarter instead of every month. Hopeful S8 users were let down this year when the Galaxy S8 duo were confirmed to not be receiving Android 10.

But this needs to change, not only because these flagships can run it, but because they should run it. The Galaxy Z Flip for example, released this year and costs £1300. It has a decent amount of RAM and a flagship processor. So why on earth should it only get two major OS upgrades?

If other companies can do it, so can Samsung

The Galaxy Z Flip deserves more than two major OS upgrades
Google have managed to support a phone for three major OS upgrades, as has OnePlus. Samsung have great hardware with new innovations every year but where they’re lacking is the software support. If they want to compete with the likes of Apple and Google, they should support their devices, especially those priced over £1000, for at least three major OS upgrades. Back in 2010 it was exceptional support for an Android phone, but now it’s not good enough.

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