Raspberry Pi 4 2GB RAM model price reduced to £35; 1GB variant still to be sold at same price however

The 2GB model of the Raspberry Pi 4 has had its price reduced to £35, same as the original Raspberry Pi Model B was priced at in 2012. This is after RAM prices were reduced last year, meaning it no longer costs the Raspberry Pi Foundation as much to produce the 2GB variant as it did before.

1GB and 4GB variants remain the same price

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

The 1GB RAM variant however, also known as the base model, will continue being sold at its original price, £35 (same as the 2GB variant now) and the 4GB RAM variant remains priced at £55 and has not seen a decrease in price yet.

Raspberry Pi 4 RAM choices

Raspbian desktop
When announced in Summer last year, the Raspberry Pi 4 included several major changes. microUSB power was ditched for USB-C, standard HDMI dropped and instead two microHDMI ports, and a new processor. But perhaps one of the biggest changes that Pi fans have been hoping for is more RAM, and the Raspberry Pi Foundation gave us more RAM with the Pi 4.

The Raspberry Pi 4 has 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB RAM variants. The 1GB variant was priced at £35, the 2GB variant at £45, and the 4GB variant priced at £55.

The 4GB variant was very popular and those who didn’t want to fork out as much money went for the 2GB variant. There was little need for the 1GB variant. You could use one as a low-cost IoT solution or if you wanted to stay at a low budget for an SBC computer but there was little purpose.

Price change

Original Raspberry Pi from 2012
The price of the 2GB variant is now the same as the 1GB variant and the price of the original Pi 1 Model B back in 2012.

The 1GB variant has little purpose anymore as it is now the same price as a more capable variant and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Raspberry Pi Foundation stopped selling the 1GB variant soon.

The 4GB RAM variant remains the same price as it was originally and it is unknown if the price will be reduced anytime soon.

Still, it’s good to see the Raspberry Pi Foundation reducing the price of a superior model. It’s just a shame they couldn’t do it to the more superior variant.
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