Samsung could already be testing Android 11 for the Galaxy S10+

A recent test on Geekbench of a Galaxy S10+ has been done. This could just be any user seeing how exactly their phone scores, but no. What makes this Geekbench test stand out against all the other tests is that this phone is running ‘Android R’

Last year Google ditched the treat as a codename and used version numbers instead. Android Q didn’t become Android Quality Street, but rather Android 10. Although it is possible Android 11 may still have R as a codename whilst in development.

Google recently released Android 11 to developers as an early beta build and it is possible this test was done by Samsung to see how capable a Galaxy S10 would be on Android 11.

It could be a user running a GSI of Android 11 using the S10’s Project Treble capabilities, but it is still exciting news regardless.

Android 11 is expected to come to the Galaxy S10 series, Note10 trio, and S20 series as well as the upcoming Note11 later on this year. There is no proof that Samsung will support the S9 in it considering it already has received two major OS upgrades.

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