Why do Microsoft recommend you buy a new PC with Windows 10 preinstalled rather than upgrade your existing one?

Now that Windows 7 support has ended, you may have been looking at Windows 10 upgrade options. Microsoft have been recommending you buy a new PC with the OS preinstalled rather than upgrade your existing PC even if it meets the hardware requirements. But why?

Hardware optimisation

Windows 10 is optimised to run on newer hardware better than older hardware. You’re more likely to have a smooth experience on a laptop made in 2016 with Windows 10 than a laptop made in 2007 running it.


Windows 10 could put more stress on your older laptop to run well. As I said, Windows 10 is more optimised for newer hardware than older hardware, and Windows 10 could stress your old computer to an extent where it takes ages to load apps or even break down completely if the hard drive is stressed too much.

More portable

An old OS like Windows 7 was aimed more at the home environment, whereas a new OS like Windows 10 is aimed to be able to be taken anywhere like a mobile device. Old laptops are chunky and heavy whilst new laptops are slim and lightweight.

Stress on computer’s CPU

If you’ve worked with computers a lot you have probably heard a fan on one running wild trying to do a task its CPU can’t handle. A noisy fan can give you a headache and make things harder.

But what if you can’t afford a new computer?

If you simply can’t fork out the money on a new computer right now, there are still options.

Stay on Windows 7

We should all be on Windows 10 by now but if your computer will struggle to run it then maybe it’s good sticking to Windows 7. Only download from trustworthy sites, find an antivirus application that still supports Windows 7, and run apps that still support the old OS. Windows 7 is still quite popular and a lot of companies are continuing to support Windows 7 with their programs. Google, for example, had promised to keep supporting Chrome until 2021.

Manage your usage

You do not want to stress your old computer out. Don’t run any intensive applications, and do not multitask with more than a few apps. Don’t download large programs as these can slow your hard drive down.

Back up your data frequently

As your computer’s age increases so does the risk of hard drive failure. Hard drive failure can leave you without a recovery method for data on the hard drive. Get an external USB storage drive such as a USB stick or external hard drive and frequently back up to that, or move your data to the cloud to keep it safe. You can lose a USB stick but you can’t lose your data stored up in the cloud. The last thing you want is for those precious photos you stored on your computer to be gone without a chance of recovery.

I hope this post gave you some awareness into why Microsoft want you to buy a new computer for use with Windows 10 and what to do if you can’t afford one. Windows 7 was a great OS but all good things must come to an end, and Windows 10 is the way forward.

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