Ads in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone app: what you need to know

Recent news claims Samsung has planted ads into its £1300 Galaxy Z Flip’s phone app. The same app you use to make calls.

The Galaxy Z Flip is the successor to the Galaxy Fold, which was known for breaking quite easily, but Samsung have made improvements with the Galaxy Z Flip. And although a few unlucky users have had their Z Flip break, hopefully this is not a universal fault like the Galaxy Fold.

However, this year’s Galaxy Z Flip has another problem that is annoying its users. It has ads in its phone app.

Yes, this is the £1300 Galaxy Z Flip, not a cheap Motorola phone you bought used on eBay. The discovery of ads in the phone app has started an online debate on whether Samsung is a good brand to buy phones from if this is what they’re going to do with their phones from now on.

The excuse “Samsung needs to make money” is not a very good one. The Galaxy Z Flip is a £1300 phone, it includes the latest innovative technology and is already likely to be a success; Samsung do not need to put ads in system apps to make money when they’re selling a phone for £1300.

People have noted that this problem is not exclusive to the Galaxy Z Flip but the presence of ads on a £1300 phone was what got ads noticed. It is possible this issue lies with the Galaxy S20 series but not many people have their hands on one of these phones yet. Whether this issue also affects other Samsung phones such as the Note10 and S9 when updated to Android 10 I do not know.

There’s not much you can do about it at the moment if your Samsung phone has ads in system apps. It is also not known if ads lie in other apps too. You can use another phone app such as Google’s Dialer or just cope with the ads. Samsung is yet to comment on the issue.


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