Yesterday 13 years ago, Microsoft released Windows Vista

On the 30th January 2007, Microsoft released Windows Vista. This version of Windows included a major overhaul to the system UI but also was very buggy which is why Windows 7 was released two years later which was much more stable. Windows Vista was NOT a free upgrade, unlike Windows 10 which was free for Windows 7 and 8 users for a year.

Windows Vista was the most buggy version of Windows since Windows ME. Windows ME and 2000 were released to celebrate the new millennium, explaining Windows 2000’s name, but Windows 2000 was aimed more at the workplace whilst Windows ME was aimed more at home users. Windows 2000 was a great version of Windows and very stable, whilst Windows ME… not so much.

Windows Vista support ended almost three years ago, meaning Vista users will not receive any security updates, leaving it open to potential vulnerabilities. Google Chrome dropped support for it too alongside Windows XP. Windows 7 support has recently came to an end too, so it’s recommended to upgrade to Windows 10 or buy a new PC with the OS preinstalled if you’re still running the old OS.


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