Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s do a quick recap on everything that has happened on this blog over this year.

This year I returned from my absence on this blog in September so there isn’t really anything blog relevant before that. In September after looking at my blog for nostalgia purposes and realising that I still have time to make an amazing comeback I decided to return.

I decided to change the theme and make a few tweaks as well as start Python code tutorials, and in case you’re waiting impatiently for the next tutorial, there will be tutorials to come this year. I will also be working more with my new Pi 4 next year, and doing Pi OS reviews.

I’ll also be posting more gaming posts next year so stay tuned for those too. I may also be giving my blog a makeover next year to really modernise it.

Happy new year everyone! And bye 2019!

-Chas 😎

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