As of today, my blog has received 90 followers.

The restarting of my blog happened at the start of last month, where I checked my blog to revive some old memories. But then when I saw a post I made on 8th October 2016, almost three years ago now, which got lots or views and comments, even some from famous people, I decided I would try to start blogging on here more frequently again after not posting for over a year.

At first, I did miss out on a few days. At one point, I didn’t post for over two weeks because I quickly lost interest because I wasn’t used to blogging at the time. But then I came back, posted again, and again. Now I’ve been posting on here for three days in a row.

Today, I received my 83rd WordPress follower (7 followers of mine are email addresses). So adding the amount of email and WordPress followers together gives me 90! Only ten to go until the big 100!

Thanks for following, liking, and commenting on this blog over the years. Had you not done so, I may not have restarted blogging last month nor post such great content on here. I now know I have an audience I’m talking to which has encouraged me to blog frequently again.

Thanks guys!

-Chas 😎

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