Samsung already testing Android 10 on Galaxy S9 and S10

It has been confirmed by multiple sources that Samsung are already testing Google’s Android 10 on Galaxy S9 and S10 devices.

Private firmware version G960FXXU7DSI3 for S9, G965FXXU7DSI3 for S9+, both Exynos variants. For the S10, US carrier T-Mobile is testing firmware version G975USQU2CSI5 for the S10+ US Snapdragon variant. These firmware versions are all based on Android 10. There is still no leaked early beta from last year, but it shouldn’t be too long until the S10 beta is publicly opened.

Rumour has it that Samsungs wireless DeX feature from the Note10 and now on the S10 will make its way to the Note9 and S9 in Android 10. There won’t be many changes UI-wise, unlike last year where One UI revamped the whole UI to something new.

I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated on news about Android 10 for Samsung devices. As for S8 users, I haven’t heard much and the S8 is unlikely to be receiving the update due to already having received two major OS upgrades in the past.


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