How is it going?

Hello everyone! I just want to tell you how good things have been for me.

Things have been great. 42 subscribers on YouTube, no way! And 75 followers for my blog as well.

Good news:

I have a growing fanbase on YouTube. People love my tutorials and videos. A LOT less spam comments than on here (not offending WordPress in any way, no)

Bad News:

Not everyone on YouTube is cool. Some people dislike your videos for NO REASON. However, with 42 subscribers, I guess I don’t have to worry about dislikes as I know I have a fanbase that like my videos.


Yes, I am continuing with this blog. And SeaSurf Sunset is going to get a release soon, I don’t know when. I love it when WordPress make it snow on blogs until 4th January. Anyways, see ya’ll again soon.

Chas 😀

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