Reacting to my first blog post!

Today I will be reacting to my first blog post on this blog!

There are loads of YouTube videos about YouTubers reacting to their first video. I decided to do this with my blog.

So lets go back in time, back into April 2016.

OK, there was a post relating to my old blog, erm, and here is the first ‘proper’ post.

It was the first post which pointed out my blog was directed to audiences of all ages.

It was called ‘Report Inappropriate Content and Swearing’

Lets look at it.

I love kids viewing my blog and it is bad for them to see inappropriate content or swearing.

Please report any by using the commenting of the post the swearing or inappropriate activity happened in. Swearing in comments will also get reported. Just reply to the comment. To report it type into your reply ‘I will report you to the blog admin, username’. username must be the user’s name.

Give a second chance to the person who swore by asking them to delete their comment. If the same person swears again, report them to the admin.

Give someone a second chance by typing ‘One last chance to username’ as a comment. username must be the user’s name.

Take a look at this. I have put in several mistakes to this post.

Mistake 1. I forgot about the fact I need to moderate comments before they come onto here.

Mistake 2. It just doesn’t sound right.

I might react to a different one.

What about my first Minecraft post?

It is called MCPE Sky Glide. Lets take a look.

I guess that is what it is called, anyway.

Step 1:

Build a high tower out of any block. Go up to any height you want, I am going for the max (128 blocks).




Step 2.

Crouch and jump. Then click on the up button



Step 3. Move away from the tower of blocks. You can now glide around. Simply press on down to go down and go down to land to land on the ground. Press crouch to stop crouching.


Epic Chas Gamer 🐕

So that doesn’t work anymore because elytra has been added which lets you glide. This was back when Minecraft was at version 0.12.0 or something. Also the max height of building is 256 now, so this information is obviously outdated.

So that was my ‘Reacting to my first blog post’. I hope you guys enjoyed it!


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