Minecraft Animation: The Camouflage Skin

This is an animation where four players disguise as different blocks and camouflage. Then I (Chas) look, suspiciously around, but I do not notice and just walk past. The frightened players are relieved I did not notice them. (Though usually I  notice players with these skins)

This is my first professional Minecraft animation using Mine-imator. I am only new so you will notice a few things in this animation (Chas is gliding, world is flat)

Here it is:

This is showcasing camouflage skins that can give you an advantage in PVP.

I hope you like my animation!

EpicChasGamer 😎

Comment CHANNEL if you think I should get a YT Channel just for uploading my animations. This animation was made by Mine-imator, Minecraft animation software. Bye!

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