How to be John Doe in Roblox

John Doe is one of those Roblox myths about some evil, anonymous person who hacks everyone on March 18th. John and Jane were discovered to just be test accounts, testing the account system and meant no harm to players. However, it is quite fun to play as John Doe, and it is possible to play as him without any Robux. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Get the Roblox baseball cap for your avatar here!

Get the Roblox jacket here!

Get the Roblox black jeans here!

Now you have got all the clothing required to look like John Doe. Go to Avatar Editor and take off your avatar’s hair, if it has any. John Doe has no hair. Then enable the new clothes. Also make sure your avatar is set to thick arms and not to thin.

How to get Jane Doe?

The third account was also a test account. I would recommend getting John Doe first, as he has most of the clothes of Jane Doe. Then take off the hat.

The bad news is currently the Jane Doe hair is not available in Roblox just yet. So you will have to wait. I will update this blogpost if Jane’s hair is available later on.



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