Minecraft PE/Win10 – how to spawn Herobrine with addons (I SPAWNED HIM)

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I will be demonstrating how to summon Herobrine with addons in MCPE/Win10.

Who or what is Herobrine?

Herobrine is a Minecraft legend about some evil monster who enters your world and destroys everything. This addon brings him to life in MCPE!

Who created the addon?

Credit to HSG, TheEnderFace and jujustyle7 for making this addon.

Where do I get the addon?

Get it at http://mcpedl.com/herobrine-te-addon.

How do I spawn him?

Follow the instructions on the MCPEDL page. He is very hard to defeat, so run away from TNT, and when he starts to blink you must hit him. He is basically impossible to defeat, but it is a great addon!




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