Minecraft For Parents – #1

VIEWER: Chas, haven’t you already done a guide for parents?

CHAS: Yes, I have, but I have not posted an update for a while.

VIEWER: Then why just carry on with where you were?

CHAS: I would, but the old posts were quite hard to find.

VIEWER: What do you mean?

CHAS: I haven’t posted a Minecraft for Parents update for a while so I decided I would reboot the guide.

VIEWER: You could just link back to the old posts.

CHAS: I would, but I may make a category for it this time.

VIEWER: Maybe you could reboot the guide and make it more easy to understand.

CHAS: Exactly!

Hello Everyone. Before you read this guide, follow the blog by clicking the follow button and entering your email address. Add comment-reply@wordpress.com to your address book so my posts do not get marked as spam and remember you may receive a confirmation email to confirm you want to follow my blog. Thank you.

So today I will be telling parents what Minecraft is in this guide, remember to follow this blog so you are updated via email when updates to this guide come out!

Minecraft is a game where you can build, fight monsters, mine gems and much more. Many parents may know that their kids like the game, but what is it?

You can find more information at minecraft.net – the official website. Minecraft PE, Minecraft Xbox One, Minecraft Nintendo Switch, Minecraft Fire TV and Minecraft Windows 10 are all being merged into one game title: Minecraft and the PC version is being renamed from Minecraft to Minecraft Java Edition.

This guide was purely to announce the reboot and what Minecraft is. The next guide will be about prices and how to get it.



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