A game recommendation for Minecraft fans!

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 is a Minecraft game but with a story. You play as Jesse, who can be customised in terms of gender and skin colour. You must make choices that impact how the story goes and you must defeat bosses like the Admin.


Jesse finds a glove underground and puts it on and can’t get it off. A hole in the ground explodes that leads to the void. His/her friend, Petra tells him/her that there is an adventurer called Jack who lives in Beacontown (Jesse’s town) who may help. They find him and they go down to a sea temple to search for a structure block to fill up the hole. They have to go through fights and find prismarine guards that they must fight. Then they find the evil admin boss who tries to eat Jesse. They must escape the temple but it is very hard.

The Trailer:

Here are some screenshots:

(This shot is from Episode 2)

What Minecraft game wouldn’t have creepers? 🙂

Should she pick up the glove? There is only one option: Yes.

Do you want to experience the Admin boss in Minecraft Bedrock Edition (MCPE, MCWin10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)? Well, download the addon here!

The game is really fun and I enjoy it!

EpicChasGamer 😎




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