If water burned you in Minecraft

Water is known for letting you swim in it, in both real life and Minecraft. But what if, in Minecraft, that changed? What if water burned you in Minecraft? Lets take a look in this blog post at what would happen:

Two players were fighting each other. One player grabbed a sword with Fire Aspect and set the other one on fire. The player who got hit ran for its life and jumped into some water. The player began to burn even more and it was destroyed.

A player was mining and it mined a piece of redstone ore, and water was behind it and it flowed. The player didn’t care until it realised it was burning.

Ocean Monument – Attempt 1:

A pro player was crossing a beach and then he saw an ocean monument. He put on diamond armour and grabbed a sword. He leapt into the water. Ouch.

Ocean Monument – Attempt 2:

The pro player opened his chest and put on diamond armour again. He placed a boat and leaped onto it. The boat roasted.

Ocean Monument – Attempt 3:

The player managed to escape from the water and built a bridge. He realised that he would have to go underwater to get to the monument.

Ocean Monument – Attempt 4:

The player drank a potion of fire resistance and swam underwater. He swam through the monument and then his effect ran out. Game Over.




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