Become a Pro in Minecraft – a guide

1. Change your skin

Your skin is how your character looks. Get skins from or create your own using the editor or another editor like MCSkin3D. Links may change content at any time.

2. Start playing

There are lots of tutorials out there on YouTube!

3. Start mining.

Craft a pickaxe: (links may change content at any time, remember!)

Mine some stone by mining underground. Dig a 2×1 hole and don’t mine straight down. Thank you guys!

Once you find some stone, use the link above (the one) to craft a stone pickaxe. Continue mining until you find a cave.

3. Explore a cave

Once you bump into a cave (you may not, if so then go and mine somewhere else or find a naturally generated cave and go exploring there) move around the cave and look for ore.

Coal ore has black coal in it and can be harvested using a wooden pickaxe. Iron (a peach colour) needs a stone, gold (yellow) and diamond (blue) require an iron Pickaxe to mine. Diamond is only found near the bottom of the world. If you are in a hills biome, you may find Emerald. In any biome, you may find redstone. Emerald needs an iron pickaxe and so does redstone.

4. Get back up to the surface

Mine a staircase back to the surface and make a crafting table if you don’t already have one (wood planks filling up the crafting grid) and make a sword ( and a pickaxe. You are now a half-pro. Well done!


Stay Safe Online:

The links listed in this post were appropriate for all ages at the time of publishing. But links can change content. Remember to be aware about Online Safety at all times.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎



One thought on “Become a Pro in Minecraft – a guide

  1. It’s funny how fast and slow learning a skill may be. Crafting was a simple process of memorization. I memorized all the vanilla crafting recipes pretty quickly. However, the ability to manipulate inventory, loot chests, craft, organize a hotbar, reload soup in soup pvp or pots in pot pvp, as well as the ability to throw empty soup bowls out instantly after eating, these are all skills that take a long time to master.
    On the other hand, some skills, like moonwalk bridge, are simply impossible for some people, due to the hardware required. One simply does not get the 20+cps requirement without a gaming mouse.
    Things like advanced redstone though… I am decent with redstone, but designing something just takes way too much time, and I can usually not compact any of my builds, whereas DicoTheRedstoner was able to compact a 4×4 piston door to a mere 1000 blocks, while keeping an open speed of 0.15 seconds. Basically, if it were controlled by a pressure plate 1 block away from the door, a person could sprint through, and the door would be open before the person reached it. That is god level.


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