Pumpkin Blur Removal pack

This pack does nothing but makes it easier to see through the pumpkin. Recommended for going to the End.

This pack removes the pumpkin blur and does nothing else.

Recommended way of applying:

If you have any other texture packs, ensure that the Pumpkin Blur Removal pack is at the top for a confirmed removal of the pumpkin blur.

Also, try a pumpkin on before going to the End to check whether the pack works.

The Pack says 0.00MB but it still removes the blur.

So here is the addon:

Extract the .ZIP and tap on the .MCPACK to install into Minecraft. It is a resource pack by the way.

Remember you can use the Download ZIP icon anywhere, I made it!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎


2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Blur Removal pack

  1. Thanks for this Chas! It works perfectly in current version of Bedrock 1.6.1 (windows 10 edition) I’m using. Can wear a pumpkin as a helmet and it’s invisible.. (I can’t put off the End much longer now! 😉 )

    Have you heard of mcpedl.com? They list all kinds of free addons, texture packs, maps etc for MCPE and now Bedrock Edition there. I couldn’t find anything like your behavior pack there. Would be great if you could add this on there.
    I tried to browse your blog here too but it doesn’t have an index or even a list of blog posts by date? Never seen a blog structure like this.

    Thanks for the great addon!


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